The Davidsonian is the oldest journalistic publication and the principal news source of Davidson College. Our mission is to provide the Davidson community, students, faculty, staff and alumni with fair and accurate information that reflects the community’s needs and interests. We strive to hold Davidson College administrators and local elected officials accountable while challenging both our own biases and those of our readers. In accordance with the Davidson College Statement of Purpose, The Davidsonian will further the goals of the College in teaching students to think clearly, to make relevant and valid judgments, to discriminate among values, and to communicate freely with others in the realm of ideas.

Davidsonian Staff Fall 2021

Co-Editor in Chief  — Nada Shoreibah ‘23

Nada Shoreibah (she/ her) is a history major and Middle East studies minor from Birmingham, Alabama. She also serves as an associate editor for Complexion Newsletter, an online publication centered around Davidson’s community of color, and is on the leadership team of Better Together, an interfaith dialogue group. Nada spends her free time hiking and reading historical romance novels.            

Co-Editor in Chief  — Hope Anderson ‘22 

Hope Anderson (she/her) is a biology major and math minor from Carrboro, North Carolina. She spent the summer at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, Colorado studying plant demography and climate change. Along with journalism, she has a passion for science communication and making biology more accessible. In her free time she enjoys knitting and the Bachelor franchise.  

Co-News Editor — Katie Stewart ‘23

Katie Stewart (she/her) is a junior Theatre and Communication Studies double major from Cranbury, New Jersey. She also stage manages for the Theatre department and is a member of the Mock Trial team and the filmmaking club. Outside of school she enjoys watching Netflix, baking, and planning dramatic murder mystery parties. 

Co-News Editor — Erin Papakostas ‘23 

Erin Papakostas (she/her) is a junior English and East Asian Studies double major from Dallas, Texas. Along with working for the Davidsonian, Erin is a French tutor, a Chidsey Leadership Fellow, and a tour guide at Davidson College.  In her free time, Erin enjoys spending time with friends or watching Love Island UK.  

Features Editor — Ben Pate ‘22

Ben Pate (he/him) is a senior Neuroscience major from Birmingham, Alabama. Along with editing the Features section, Ben serves as president of RUF at Davidson, sings in the Generals a capella group, and researches zebrafish retinas in Dr. Lom’s developmental biology lab. In his free time, Ben enjoys playing guitar, listening to Jason Isbell, and reading The Atlantic.

Senior Political Correspondent — Hunter Callaway ‘22

Hunter Callaway (he/him) is a Political Science major from Birmingham, Alabama. He also works for the Economics Department as a student assistant and holds a seat on the Innovation Council. In his free time, Hunter reads about voting rights, cooks jambalaya, and watches the Alabama Crimson Tide play.

Perspectives Editor — Ross Hickman ‘22

Ross Hickman (they/them) is a History major and Gender & Sexuality Studies major from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They also work as a barista at Summit Coffee Outpost, serve as an editor for the Davidson History Journal, and act in college theatre. Some of their favorite writers and artists include Joni Mitchell, James Baldwin, David Sedaris, and Lady Gaga. Ross spends their free time running along forest trails, singing songs, and caring for their beloved cat, Persey. 

Arts and Culture Editor — Julieta Lessne ‘24

Julieta Lessne (she/her) is an intended English major and Philosophy major from Fairfax, VA. In addition to being the Arts and Culture Editor for the Davidsonian, Julieta is also a member of Turner Eating House, Chorale, and a voice student. In her free time, she loves to write short stories, sing, watch musicals, and spend time with friends. 

Living Davidson Editor — Nora Klein ‘24 

Nora Klein (she/her) is an intended English major from Hamilton, Georgia. Aside from being the Living Davidson editor, she also leads trips for Davidson Outdoors, plays the french horn in the orchestra, dances with Gamut, serves as a Hall Counselor, and is involved with Club Sailing and Turner House. In her free time, she loves reading, taking care of her plants, going on hikes, and drinking really big cups of hot chocolate.

Sports Editor — Varun Maheshwari ‘23

Varun Maheshwari (he/him) is a Political Science and Hispanic Studies double major from Baltimore, Maryland. Alongside being the sports editor, he runs the Sports Management club and participates in greek life on campus. In his free time, he likes working out, playing golf, listening to music, writing/reading news and engaging in any sort of debate. His favorite football team is the Baltimore Ravens and is the biggest fan on campus. 

Social Media Manager — Hailey Tsuda ‘24

Hailey Tsuda (she/her) is a Biology major and Public Health minor from the San Francisco Bay Area. Hailey is also a Writing Consultant in the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Writing Center, a member of the Club Sailing Team, and is a tour guide for the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. In her free time, Hailey raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

Yowl Editor — Josie Hovis ‘23 

Josie Hovis (she/her) is a Latin American Studies major from Cooperstown, NY. She is also an AT for Spanish, a member of the Nuances a cappella group, and the outreach coordinator for You Are Not a Stranger Here (YANASH). In her free time, she can be found pretending to do work at a picnic table outside Nummit. She is really funny. 

Business Manager — Landon Schabes ‘22 

Landon Schabes (he/him) is an Economics major and English minor from Tampa, Florida. He’s an  active Trip Leader for Davidson Outdoors, leading Odyssey and mentoring new TL’s. He also participates in Greek life on campus. In his free time, you can catch him watching any Tampa Bay sports team, playing video games, hanging out with friends or listening to a musical ‘deep dive’ podcast.

Head Photographer — Sydney Schertz  ‘24

Sydney Schertz is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In addition to working with the Davidsonian she shoots for the College’s Communications and Marketing team. She is a member of the Warner Hall Eating House and DUFF (Davidson’s club ultimate team).

Head Cartoonist — Richard Farrell ‘22 

Richard Farrell is a studio art major from Plainsboro, New Jersey. He also is a member of Greek life, works alongside the digital studies department in game development, and does freelance artwork. Outside of school, Richard spends his free time creating art, listening to music, and rooting for the New York Giants.

Multimedia Editor — Jared Herr ‘22 

Web Editor — Ben Gordon-Sniffen ‘23