Macy Curtis dribbles down the turf field with an opponent reaching over to defend
Macy Curtis ‘25 dribbles down the field. Photo courtesy Sallie Taylor.

Mac McKenna ’24 (He/Him), Sports Writer

Macy Curtis ‘25 of Davidson’s field hockey team recently received the honor of being an All-Rookie A-10 Selection. This is an honor that is far from easy to come by and as a first-year, Macy has put in extraordinary effort to receive this award. We interviewed Macy to get a better understanding of what this season meant to her, the work and preparation she put in throughout the season, and what it means to receive this honor. 

In terms of what it was like making the switch from high school to college-level competition, Curtis said, “it was definitely hard coming in adjusting to the speed at the college level and the games are really tough to replicate at any summer training….you just have to start gaining experience through playing.” While this is undoubtedly a common sentiment among athletes in their first year of college athletics, Curtis mentioned that the team atmosphere helped in getting up to speed. “The rest of the team being so welcoming definitely helped me adjust and this transferred into the games.”

When talking about aspects that helped promote her success on the field this year, Curtis was sure to heap praise on the upperclassmen on the team. “So obviously Natalie [Natacchia ‘23] is our captain and I think she played a huge role in like taking me under her wing and since we were on the forward line together for a lot of the beginning of the season she was really helpful with talking to me and making sure I understood everything.” Although Curtis made it clear that the freshmen class was equally critical in ensuring her success, “Even though we don’t like a leadership role [amongst the freshmen class,] I think we’re all on the same boat so it’s easy to talk to them about anything we were struggling with on or off the field.” 

As far as team chemistry is concerned, Curtis noted it’s a solid aspect of the team that they’re still hoping to improve upon. “It’s something that we’re definitely focusing on improving but I definitely saw as the season progressed, especially outletting out of back [of the field] feels like it got so much better.” She also mentioned that the diverse playing backgrounds of the team contributes to a need to establish chemistry. “I think it’s hard coming in with so many different styles coming together, figuring that out and the offseason will help us with that but we improved so much throughout the season.”

When asked about where her individual game, as well as that of the team, will be in the near future, Curtis said, “I think we have so much potential and room to grow so I’m really excited to be a part of that. We focus a lot on the things that are going to help us find success and I think it’s important for us to take the time as a team now to focus on all of these things.” Curtis is confident in the team’s ability to utilize “our opportunities to grow”. 

Through what Curtis has said and the performance of the field hockey team this season, it is clear that this is not the team of years past. This is a team that is confident in their ability to win tough games and improve everyday. “We’re making strides, especially in our conference and I think that we’re realizing that we can stay in games that maybe before we didn’t think we could.” Lastly, Curtis remarked that the overall attitude of the team has undergone change. “Our commitment to the game has improved so much; I think that this is a much more serious program than people expect.”