Danya Rangachar ’21

The COVID-19 situation worsened over spring break, and my friends were talking about the possibility of remote learning. I figured that if I had to leave, I would definitely go home to my parents in India. I did not think too much about the situation because it seemed purely hypothetical. But on Thursday, March 12th, the news about school closing came out. I talked to my parents, and to my surprise, they both recommended that I stay in the U.S. The Indian government simultaneously issued a travel restriction prohibiting non-foreign nationals from entering the country, and many international flights were barred from entering India. Thankfully, I have extended family in the U.S., and they graciously invited me to stay with them. Still, I do not know when I will see my parents or return to my home. I am constantly worried about the COVID-19 situation in the U.S. and India. Right now, India is experiencing a full lockdown for three weeks. The number of coronavirus cases is increasing, and the health-care capacity is limited. While I am thankful that I have a home to stay in and the moral support of family, I still feel uneasy and scared that I am not with my parents. As an international student, I usually only get to see my parents twice a year. Now, there is so much uncertainty that I do not know when I will see them.