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Hurt Hub Bidness plans

Congrats to all the students with small businesses and products that received enough grant money from the Hurt Hub they could buy a used car. Like seriously, they’ve got bank. However, there were some great innovative ideas that just didn’t quite get the funds. We’d like to recognize them here.

1. WebFREE. Didn’t get what you wanted from Webtree? Plug this USB drive into your laptop during Add/Drop and get access to add any class you need to your schedule. Premed students were offering as much as $3000 for the product, but Angie Dewberry shut down production before it could take off.

2. The Moldadildo. Miss your ex? The moldable dildo’s got you covered. Completely customizable, this dildo is moldable, able to take on the shape of what you really want. (Seriously, we could really have used these in the Union vending machine).

3. Athlete Radar. This device goes off every time an athlete gets within a 5 foot radius of you, and it even identifies the team they are on in order for you to have the proper response: run, look hot, hide, hold your nose, etc. While an incredibly effective piece of equipment, the prototype broke down from overwhelming detection when tested in communications classes and the Union Patio.

4. Qdoba construction service. This company provided tools and workers to complete the construction of the on-campus Qdoba in order to have it ready in time for Spring Semester. They received no funding, however, as the college claims it already has enough tools and workers to complete construction by Spring of 2026.

5. Can I eat that? This small, wallet-sized detector will scan your food and tell you if it’s safe to eat. Accurate and affordable, the product was taking off. However, the company received no funding out of fear it may be used at Commons and deem all food inedible.

6. Red Flagger. No need to stress about whether or not they’re the one. The Red Flagger software detects any concerns, so you’ll know even before the first date. Just get your potential partner to fill out the short survey, and the program will identify red flags for you! The product had great potential, and was working with incredible accuracy. But then it was tested in the SAE house and the computer exploded.

7. Union Food Service. An innovative service that would serve hot food to students at Davis Café, including delicious sandwiches such as Mozzarella flatbread. The idea gained much popularity, and was so exciting that people were wondering why no one had ever thought of it before. Judges, however, were not as excited, and provided only enough funds for the service to provide mediocre burgers and fries. The other funding was given to hire another counselor at the health center in order to reduce the wait time for an appointment from 3 weeks to 2 weeks.