By Gabby Morreale ’23

Now that we have so much time on our hands, it’s easy to get a little stir crazy while in quarantine. Take a break from Zoom and try one of these ten crafts that you can do at home!

  1. Pressed flowers – Spring has sprung! Have some beautiful flowers in your garden? Pick a few, place them in between two layers of parchment paper, and press them with a large heavy book until flat. Great as decorations, as a collection, or even just to keep, these flowers give flora and fauna all year round!

(My pressed flowers example below)

  1. Egg decorating – Amidst all the stress of work and transition, remember it’s Easter season! Gather some vinegar, food coloring, paint, markers, crayons, and any art supplies you have, hard boil some eggs, and give those shells a shine. It’s a great opportunity for some quality time with your fellow quarantined people, and a way to discover your artistic expression! (egg decorating below)

  1. Potato Stamps – Give the E.H. Little Library’s printing press a run for its money by making fun potato prints! Carve shapes and letters into a halved potato, press on ink pads, and decorate cards, posters, and other paper goods!
  1. Sticker Extravaganza – Spice up your water bottle or laptop by making your own stickers! Draw some pictures of your own, cut them out, and cover them with tape to make some stickers for you or your housemates!
  1. Painting – Make some happy accidents and watch a Bob Ross painting tutorial! Gather some paper and paint a masterpiece through a private lesson from Bob Ross, available on YouTube and Netflix! (Baby squirrel not included.)
  1. Salt watercolors – Experiment with different painting techniques and try salt watercolors! Grab some paper and watercolors, paint your masterpiece, and sprinkle rock salt on top of the paper while still wet. After the painting is dry, brush away the salt and enjoy your creation! You can also experiment with different size salt crystals to get your creative streak going!
  1. Zine Making – Ever wanted to have a published work? Take on the task yourself! Learn how to make a small magazine here and put whatever you want into it — poetry, art, cartoons, stories, pictures, or even the pressed flowers!

(Pictured below is a page from my ocean-themed zine)

  1. Shaving cream marble paper – create your own marbleized paper with shaving cream! Spray a can of white foam shaving cream into a moderately sized bin, and drop some food coloring into the foam. Swirl the drops of food coloring into a pattern of your choice, then place a piece of stiff paper, such as watercolor or cardstock paper, over the pattern and press gently. Let sit for a minute or two, then carefully take one corner of the paper and peel it up and off. Remove the shaving cream by scraping it off the surface of the paper with the edge of a ruler. The results are always beautiful and so colorful!
  1. Pom-poms – You don’t have to be a cheerleader to get into this next craft! Our very own Davidson Wildcrafts club had a lot to say about crafts in quarantine. When they’re not busy with schoolwork, they’re out making pom-poms to spice up their ugly Christmas sweaters for the next Davidson holiday party or for other decorations! One Davidson Wildcrafts member says she highly recommends this craft to beginners, as it doesn’t “require a lot of materials or experience”!
  1. Embroidery – Another activity recommended by the Wildcrafts is embroidery! While it may seem daunting, there are many beginner embroidery kits to choose from to get you started. Soothe your nerves with the calming cadence of embroidery, and soon you can embellish those cute jeans you have or customize anything else you own!

(Embroidery hoop by Isa DePue ‘23)

Now is the best time to start a new hobby. It can be a great way to connect with your fellow quarantined roommates, so get up and get crafting!