Like a lot of people, I struggle with finding the significance of my voice in all of this debating and educating but I’ve realized it’s so important to speak up. It doesn’t have to be some polished piece of writing, artwork or speech — we’re living through a very messy period and trying to articulate how you feel while processing all that’s going on is difficult for everyone. Speak up and speak out, your voice has power.

Strange clouds fill the sky as chemicals that irritate the senses cause tears to stream down our faces — as if we have not cried enough. 

Curfews are set to break up protestors — as if we have not constantly been criminalized. 

Rubber bullets are shot at us, bruising and breaking our skin — as if we have not already stared into the barrels of enough guns. 

We are told to choose another way — as if we have not tried time and time again to capture the attention of our privileged peers in hopes to incite change. 

And while news platforms circle around protests, waiting to pick through the aftermath for morsels they can use to paint the protests as senseless, irrational violence (as if we have not been misrepresented enough) we will continue to go into the streets and demand for change. 

We have had enough.