Over the past few years, some of The Davidsonian’s most exciting investigative reporting centered around local environmental issues; from asbestos contamination, to Duke Energy’s coal ash lawsuits, to controversy over the North Carolina wood pellet industry, environmental reporting has pushed our paper to hold local decision makers accountable and inform readers about high-stakes stories beyond our campus. 

While you may not immediately consider the environment, science or public health when you think of campus journalism, we’ve found that storytelling in these realms is especially valuable in highlighting community injustices. Furthermore, as we began designing this special issue, we consistently saw the level of creative leadership students were taking to promote environmental, economic and social sustainability as daily norms. 

When we sat down with Yancey Fouché and Dr. Jennifer Garcia Peacock a month ago, it became clear that diverse environmental story angles continue to develop around campus. At a moment when climate action remains at the forefront of national and local news alike, we thought it pertinent to examine the state of sustainability on and around campus in detail through a blend of news reporting, human interest stories, perspectives, art and historical narratives. We are especially grateful to Yancey and to Dr. Garcia Peacock for helping us select content for this issue and connecting us with activists and community members.

This issue does not encompass all of the important work that students have engaged in, nor does it represent all of the environmental action students are currently pursuing, but we hope to showcase the scope of interest in these issues present at Davidson and the intersection of environmental justice with different aspects of campus life.

– Julia Knoerr ’21, Sebi Sola-Sole ’21, Hope Anderson ’22 and Nada Shoreibah ’23, current and incoming Editors-in-Chief


Adrienne Lee ‘21, Azella Markgraf  ‘21, Ben Haden ‘22, Charlotte Spears ‘24, Chloe Pitkoff ‘21, Clare Harbin ‘23, Cole Thornton ‘21, Dr. Jennifer Garcia Peacock, Elizabeth Miller ‘20, Emilie Hoke ‘21, Emma Brentjens ‘21, Hannah Dugan ‘21, Hollis Plexico ‘24, Hope Anderson ‘22, Joe DeMartin ‘21, Julia Knoerr ‘21, Kate Muntzner ‘23, Kat Soltany ‘22, Lia Newman , Louisa Bartkovich ’22, Maeve Arthur ’22 , Malorie Hudson ‘22, Nada Shoreibah ‘23, Olivia Ng ‘21, Rebecca Pempek ‘20, Sam Anderson ‘24, Sebastian Sola-Sole ‘21, Yancey Fouché