Kevin Xavier Garcia-Galindo’24 (He/Him), Staff Writer

It’s been two years since Davidson’s last time-honored tradition of the Spring Concert. This year, it promises to be a bit different than most seniors remember. For one, the concert does not coincide with Spring Frolics, but it will be expanded to include activities, gift giveaways, and food trucks for students to enjoy before the event. 

Union Board is still sorting out the final details, so more information will ensue from their communications team in this upcoming week. They have revealed that the concert will take place outside on the Old Tennis Court Lawn, in a similar format to Fall Fling. The headlining act will be Dayglow, alongside an opener that is yet to be announced. 

The process for choosing the headline artist began during the fall semester when Union Board’s concert committee created a campus wide survey to gauge which genres and artists ranked highest among students. Olivia Howard ‘24, chair of the concert committee, said that, from the survey, the committee found that “most of the campus wanted an alternative/indie artist or an artist under the rap/hip-hop genre.” 

The committee then went on to look at a variety of artists that ranked favorably based on this genre and reached out for quotes and availability.

Because Dayglow ranked high on the student survey and fit nicely into the concert committee’s budget, the committee and Union Board agreed on him. With the help of an agent, Howard was able to negotiate with Dayglow’s team to quickly solidify a contract. 

Even though the committee had the help of an agent to negotiate potential contracts with artists, one of the main challenges they faced was deciding the proportion of annual budget to spend on the concert. 

“Since the concert committee budget is split between three different events, Fall Fling, Winterfest, and Spring Concert, we had to account for the money we spent during Fall Fling. Furthermore, artist and tech costs made the process more expensive than we anticipated,” Howards said. On a positive note, Union Board was able to use money set aside for the canceled Winterfest to expand the Spring Concert experience to include extra activities. 

For most students, the Spring Concert experience is closely tied to Frolics, but the Spring Concert has actually only coincided with Frolics twice in recent history. This year, the concert committee decided that it would make more sense to divide the events to give the students a last hurrah at the end of the semester before finals. Furthermore, the committee wanted to be certain that COVID would not be an issue for the concert. 

“We considered COVID throughout the whole process and, before mask mandates were lifted, decided that an outside venue would be the best option,” said Howard. 

With the event being outside and contained in one area, Howard said that she does not expect COVID to be a problem at all for this event. The concert will be free for every student, and every student is permitted to bring one guest. The concert will be set up similar to usual outdoor concerts, meaning that there will be a stage, a barricade for safety, and no seating area. The space will be big enough for students to spread out or gather around the stage on a first come basis. 

“Students should be excited about a chance to de-stress before finals week,” said Howard. “Dayglow and the opener fit into different genres, so I am hoping everyone will be able to enjoy the music and overall experience. There will be a lot of food, glow-in-the-dark items, and more. My committee and I put a lot of effort into ensuring that this day will be one to remember for everyone. I like to pretend that the Spring Concert is going to be a less expensive Coachella in Davidson. I hope everyone on campus comes out to listen to the amazing artists and just vibe as a whole group before ending the 2021-22 school year.”