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COVID-19 Posts

Who are you helping?

By Gabby Morreale ’23 When I first read President Quillen’s email reporting that we would be returning to campus for the Fall 2020 semester, my first …
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The Case for Joy

by Bry Reed ’20 On Friday, April 24, President Carol Quillen sent an email to the class of 2020 inviting us to an online celebration on …
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Art from Quarantine

by Owen Keefer ’20 Bathtub Clown; 3D modelling software; 2020Narcissus; 3D modelling software; 2020Prophet (after Nolde); 3D modelling software; 1320×1920 px; 2020Carpet; 3D modelling software, 1920×1920 …
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Exploring the World from Home

By Sohan Gade ’23 Photo courtesy of Sohan Gade ’23 I have a passion to venture out and look around, no matter where I am. Interestingly enough, …
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Here’s What Kenny Got Wrong

by Allegra Geanuracos ’19 In response to Kenny Xu’s perspective, “Dear Admissions: Don’t Use Corona to Push Anti-Testing Agenda” Dear fellow members of the Davidson community, Like …
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COVID-19 Impacts Student Employment

by Kaizad Irani ’22 Features Editor This week, 6.6 million Americans filed initial unemployment insurance claims amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, signifying an unprecedented rise in people …
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Making Sound in the Silence

by Maddy Wolfenbarger ’22 Well, shit. Everything’s closed. The school is closed; the curtains are closed; the stage is closed; the park is closed; even …
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Main Street Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

by Erin Papakostas ’23 Staff Writer Summit Coffee Co. opens new “Drive To” location on Main Street. Photo by Sarah Woods ’21 The recent COVID-19 pandemic has left …
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Admissions Q&A with Dean Gruber

Photo courtesy of Dean Christopher Gruber This interview with Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Chris Gruber was conducted by staff writer and …
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