Illustrated Calendar
Reflecting on Fall 2021 by Sam Cochran ‘24 

Sam Cochran ’24 (He/Him), Staff Illustrator

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really have high hopes for this semester. Last year was ultimately a disappointing start to my college career, as I’m sure it was for many others. I was nervous that nothing would change this semester, despite the relaxation of some of the COVID regulations. This semester certainly had its downsides, but looking back there has been so much that has improved. I wanted to capture a few of those moments in this comic. Nothing pictured is incredibly groundbreaking for a normal semester at Davidson College, but after the absence of most activities last year, they feel all the more important. Not only does each image depict a game, concert, or trip, but also each image testifies to the great people I was able to meet because of those events. The friendships I have made and strengthened this semester are at the heart of all the upsides of fall 2021 for me. I chose to overlay these doodles over a November 2021 calendar because for me and many friends I’ve talked with, this semester sped by, especially compared to last year. But this comic intends to show that overall it was a good blur, one which leaves me in a better place than when it started. 

Sam Cochran ‘24 (he/him/his) is an art history and anthropology double major from Monkton, Maryland. He can be reached for comment at