A comic strip from Evan Durkee
Bowling Comic by Evan Durkee.

Evan Durkee (He/Him)

My name is Evan Durkee and I am currently a high school student who lives in the town of Davidson. The Davidsonian has been kind enough to feature a comic that I have created in their newspaper. I have been drawing in my spare time for a while now and I thought it might be fun to create my own comic, so I brainstormed and developed some ideas. I really enjoy creating a story because it allows me to imagine things that I would not be able to imagine otherwise. I would fill many, many pieces of paper with my comics, yet after I finished them, they would just exist and not go anywhere. As a result, I decided that I wanted to find a way to share my work. I already knew about the Davidsonian because I happen to live in the town of Davidson; I sent an email asking to be featured, and now I have the chance to show my work to a broader audience. I have an interest in classic animation: I enjoy watching classic cartoons that have great animation and (most of the time) funny jokes. Some cartoons are better than others obviously, but watching these inspired me to create my own stories. I find it fulfilling to create a long story and a whole bunch of drawings and then look back and realize that I created a fully developed narrative with characters. The comic that I have featured here is only one page, so it is not as intricate as some of my longer work, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I came up with the idea because a lot of funny sitcoms like Cheers or Seinfeld primarily consist of people in one location and nothing really happens that deeply impacts an overarching story, and I thought that premise would be great. I also enjoy reading the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. Reading these comics has played a role in my love for creating comics. My favorite parts of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips are the humor and premise, both of which I hope to incorporate in my own work.

Evan Durkee (he/him) is a high school student from the Town of Davidson and can be reached for comment at evan.durkee@gmail.com