The Davidsonian


Mission Statement

The Davidsonian serves the community of Davidson College and the town of Davidson by reporting  pressing and important stories with practices focused on fairness, transparency, and diversity. 


We value fairness. All of our reporting strives to paint an accurate picture of a situation. As much as possible, interviews and arguments we present are given the same amount of weight in a story as they have in reality. In this pursuit we follow the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics

We value transparency and justification. We acknowledge that everyone at this paper is human, and beyond that they are students who are still coming into their own as journalists. Everyone will enter into the writing process with personal biases, which is why wherever appropriate we seek to justify our reporting choices in print and provide facts to back up any claims we provide. 

We value diversity. Both on our own staff and in our reporting, we aim to include as many voices and perspectives as possible. We hope to not overlook any group or organization on campus or in the town of Davidson. 

The Logistics

We are an independent, student-run weekly newspaper that publishes every Wednesday of our fall and spring semesters. We rely on funding from Davidson College, which is allocated by a board of students in order to maintain our autonomy. If you would like to support us, please consider subscribing the the Davidsonian by emailing our business manager at

Our History

The Davidsonian was formed in March of 1914 by student vote and officially published its first issue on April 1, 1914. Since then, the paper has published a volume of newspapers every year, including during the Second World War’s paper shortages (when the Davidsonian cut the number of pages in the newspaper in half), and during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic (when the Davidsonian predominantly distributed news via an email newsletter and only printed a thematic issue once a month to limit person-to-person contact). The editor-in-chief of the paper was elected annually by a student body vote until 1992, when the student government approved the request to change staff decisions to an internal process (Davidson Archives)


You can read issues of the Davidsonian from its founding to 2016 at the Davidson College library archives here.