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Students around Patterson Court this Weekend Predict to Hear Same 2 Hit Spice Girl/Ke$ha Songs as in 2011

In 1996, the Spice Girls released their debut album Spice, which immediately spawned a worldwide sensation. In the 2000s, Ke$ha released a bunch of crap, but secured her place at the top of any college aux (looking at you SPE). Now this weekend, potential eating house members should get excited to hear “Wannabe,” and “Tik Tok.” These songs will nestle into your ears until you are rocking back and forth in the library basement. These poets of our generation, Ke$ha and the Spice Girls would be proud to know that their hit song is living on in the history of Davidson College. 

Students around campus are bracing themselves to hear “Wannabe” multiple times on Friday night, and “Tik Tok” on Saturday night. Connor and Turner members assure that anywhere on campus you are, you’re going to hear those songs–repeatedly. To make matters worse, the residents of F that are in “Fraternities” say they will be playing the Spice Girls and Ke$ha to hopefully bring the girls in, but as everyone knows, no girl wants to dance in a dimly lit apartment where a man who has some vintage t-shirt and thinks he’s the man will offer you a warm keystone. 

When interviewing a prospective eating house member (who preferred to stay anonymous), she stated “what is a Ke$ha, what is a Spice Girls, what is a Space Jam?” Born in 2010, she has yet to decipher the appeal of these 90s properties, but she does, in fact, know what a jungle is. When asked about her favorite songs by Ke$ha and the Spice Girls, she thought for a long time, looked up at me and then said with little confidence “Ke$ha sings that Starships song right?” No, this isn’t right, but it’s to be expected considering she continued to refer to Ke$ha as “Ke-dollar-ha.” 

Yes with Placement Day on the horizon, these parties hold a lot of weight for the respective Eating Houses. Representatives from all the eating houses gave me an official statement: “it doesn’t matter how antiquated the themes are, alcohol never gets old.” Indeed it does not, especially when you drink it all the time. 

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