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Sample Poems from Blurred Years by Ridley Browder

“A Wedding on the Beach”

The sun shines down on the emerald coast,

A man stands along the balcony, ready to give a toast,

“To the bride and groom,” he says,

Sun rays upon the guests, revealing life’s threads,

Moments of day and night, of laughter and spite,

Leading two special people into this oceanic light.

There she goes, the one who kept his leather jacket after all these years,

And all at once the crowd erupts in cheers,

A woman in her great, white dress,

And her new husband in a tuxedo freshly pressed.

They had arrived from New Orleans the day before,

Leaving behind a life of fears for the shore.

The man with his dark golden shade of eyes,

Couldn’t help but feel something from within arise,

He knows his mistakes are as wide as the ocean before him,

But with her he feels his life no longer grim.

As they look at the crowd with their hands in the air,

They understand the responsibility which they bear.

To build a home with the light of the sky in their shared heart,

To repair from others what had been taken apart, a restart.

They know the road is long,

But together they will stay strong.

A miracle on the beach,

A moment in time which breached,

The balance of the world’s design,

Beyond the comprehension of the mind.

“The Stars”

Remember when we used to look up at the stars together?

I would look over at you, and I always thought we were gazing at the same area in the sky.

I asked, “What do you see?”

And you replied something different from what I saw every time.

I appreciated the difference in our perspectives, for from you I learned so much.

I was like a seed in the ground until you watered and cared for me.

And along with our love, I grew from the ground, a new version of myself,

Because of you.

But now a cruel realization comes to mind, as I lay here thinking about our time under the stars.

You and I were never looking at the same place, were we?

Maybe at first, but soon our gazes drifted away.

We fell out of place.

It is clear to me why we are here now,

Why the stars aren’t even that bright anymore.

Our dreams turned in different directions, north and south.

You pictured a life without me, and all I could see was you.

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

To separate yourself entirely from the person that you love,

So that you don’t become so attached.

I guess I made a mistake with you, let my dreams become too dominated by you.

But if I did falsely believe in you, then what is love, if not getting lost in you?

I sit under the stars alone tonight, wondering if I’ve been wrong all along about love,

I ask the stars this question,

And they point me towards my true direction,

And I see that they’ve never been brighter,

I guess I shouldn’t lose sight of what I want, what I need.

And you shouldn’t either.

So I guess this is me swallowing my sadness, my anger to let you know,

Follow your stars, and they will take you to where you need to go,

Even if that’s without me, if that’s the direction that really sets you free.

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