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Santa’s Coming–I’m Ready, Are You?

As we watch the world burn, engulfed by egregious humanitarian crises across the globe, the creeping effects of climate change, poverty, and hunger, one Davidson student had a lot to say about her Christmas list this year. Sally Potts, ‘24, “doesn’t want to sound gauche,” but “could really use a new Apple watch,” among many other hot new items that are hitting the metaphorical shelves this year. The Yowl™ was lucky enough to get to sit down with Potts and hear about her rationale on what makes it on her list and what doesn’t. 

“It really just comes down to if a particular item has that ‘oomph,’” Potts said, looking up from her 6-page Google doc titled “X-MAS LIST!! <3 <3” where she has categorized her wants for the season. When pushed on what exactly “oomph” means, Potts said, “You know, that ‘je ne sais quoi.’ That ‘mmmmm, yum.’” We at The Yowl™ can translate “je ne sais quoi” to “that which cannot be expressed,” but we have no idea what “mmmmm, yum” is supposed to mean. 

“It really just comes down to, should I ask Daddy to spend money on this thing? Yes or no? It’s a pretty simple question,” Potts elaborated. Thank you for this clarification, Sally. 

After caught by a Yowl™ correspondent copying and pasting links from Chanel into her Google doc during a poli sci lecture, Potts confessed that working on this Christmas list has really turned into a full-time job, and she spends essentially every second, including during class, scouring the Internet for what she doesn’t yet know that she needs. We’re lucky to have gotten a little sneak peak at what’s “je ne sais quoi”ing it for her this year, organized by category, of course:

Stocking stuffers–send to Santa (wink!):

  • Urban Outfitters Mercury Retrograde Candle Set, $40
  • Urban Outfitters Ritual Candle Set, $30
  • La Mer, the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum, $255

Clothes–comfy and cozy:

  • Glossier Original Pink Hoodie, $55 (steal!) 
  • Ugg Fluff Momma Sugar Boot, $220 – We at The Yowl™ would like to note that you could pick up a cheaper version of this boot style at or from your local high school’s theater department, which recently did Beauty and the Beast
  • Palace of Peacocks Black Pashmina Shawl, $2,299 (time taken to craft: 9 months) 


  • Cartier ring, $1080
  • Prada Technical Voile Sunray Pleat Midi-Dress, size 38, $5,900

Clothes–just for fun:

  • Horse and Carriage Leather Tech Gloves, Color: Saddle, $150


  • Apple Watch Ultra: Titanium Case with Starlight Alpine Loop, $799

Bettering myself:

  • Peloton Bike, $1,145 (sale!)
  • Sam Harris, Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, $14.95


  • Chloe Purse Alphabet Clutch, $940
  • World peace.

Despite all of the hard work that she has been putting into this wishlist, Potts was frank: “I love all this stuff, but I’d trade the whole list for my parents to get me just a nose job instead.” 

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