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Game Time! How Well Do You Really Know Us?

Jozee has provided the Yowl with a stable source of satire for the last four years now so it only makes sense to test your knowledge of her since she knows the ins and outs of all of you. The following is a list of fun facts that may or may not be true about Jozee. To make things more difficult, and definitely not because I couldn’t remember that many facts about her, I’ve thrown some other options into the mix. In the brackets next to each fact, put a J for Jozee, T for The Other Editor I Didn’t Know Existed, B for Both, or X for neither for who you think the fact correlates with. Check your answers by emailing us at

[    ]  Is a self-identified man-hating dyke

[    ]  Is not a dyke but might be after watching Love is Blind

[    ]  Good at fingering…the bass guitar

[    ]  Turned down an internship for SNL

[    ]  Acts old as shit

[    ]  Is old as shit

[    ]  Has geographical ties to a former sex cult that now makes silverware

[    ]  Met the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Commerce while wearing a beer stained crop top

[    ]  Lost $100 in Dogecoin

[    ]  Doesn’t believe in free speech and is constantly censoring the other editor

[    ]  Queer awakening was Roxanne from A Goofy Movie

[    ]  Doesn’t know the difference between Whataburger and In-N-Out

[    ]  Played hooky in middle school by crawling through a fence

[    ]  Falsely believes kombucha is good

[    ]  Was recently banned from Twitter for posting thirsty tweets about Elon Musk

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