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Exposed: WALT Radio Not Actually on Radio!

Davidson College students were recently shocked to learn that WALT 1610, the campus “radio station,” was actually just a livestream. Listeners who finally got around to tuning in to a student radio show were confused when they first realized they needed to find a radio somewhere nearly 20 years after they stopped being relevant. Even more shockingly, once a radio had been found, the tones of the same 15 indie bands that characterize WALT playlists were nowhere to be found. After checking the entire dial, there was no student music show to be found. Apparently the so-called “radio station” for Davidson is only found on a live stream on the website. If this unconfirmed reporting is true, this means that the student radio is really just more of a Spotify listening party than a radio station. When asked if this had always been the case, members of WALT only opted to promote their incredibly niche personal radio show, which took place at the most outlandish timeslot seemingly possible. Our unnamed source said: “I don’t know if that’s always been the case, but I know you can use that method to listen to my disco themed show at 2am on Tuesday nights.”

Beyond lying about being an actual radio, there is a second bombshell we’ve uncovered on WALT: there’s nobody actually named Walt in the club. It is yet unknown why a “radio station” would be named like a person, let alone one with such a distinctly old-timey name. The exact origins of WALT radio is lost to time: some say the station was running before the college was even founded. Nevertheless, no one knows why this “radio station” is an internet stream with a human name. Signs point less to WALT being a student radio club, and instead show that being a Walter is a mindset and a state of being. 

We here at the Yowl™ sincerely apologize that this report comes incredibly late into the semester. Like most students on campus, we told our friend we would try to find their radio show and tune in and then immediately forgot to do so. This had not been previously reported as we (apparently like most people followed by WALT on the Spotify friends activity page) completely forgot to listen to someone else play music they like and instead listened to our personal Spotify playlists. 

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