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Tell me about your Thanksgiving Break, and I’ll predict your Spring Semester

I’m sure there’s a lot on all of your minds—finals, how it somehow keeps getting dark earlier and earlier, how you’re going to handle spending a month with no homework (I mean, what are you even going to do?). But worry not! I am here to tell you exactly how your spring semester is going to go based completely on the events of your Thanksgiving, so at least you can get that off your mind. 

Let’s start at the beginning—how’d you get to and from campus? 

  1. You drove yourself—you figured you would brave the parking lots when you got back to campus, and I admire you for it. 
  2. Train. They may not be the most predictable, but hey! You made it back. 
  3. Caught a ride with a friend/parent. 
  4. Plane. 

What excited you most about break? 

  1. Getting to see your hometown friends and visiting all your favorite local spots! 
  2. Seeing your family, of course. And your pet. Maybe your pet and then your family. 
  3. Eating food not made in Commons and getting to shower without shoes. You are no longer taking anything for granted. 
  4. A break from the stress that has been plaguing you nonstop since you got back from fall break. And really now that you’re thinking about it, since you arrived at school…and now you can’t really remember the last time you weren’t stressed???

Time to be honest—how much did you help with preparing for the dinner? 

  1. You definitely helped, even if it wasn’t super voluntary. What? You felt like you deserved to sleep in. 
  2. A TON. You even woke up early to get a head start. 
  3. …You were busy with other things, ok? 
  4. Your family didn’t host so you weren’t stuck dusting lamps for two hours. Lucky.

And how’d that dinner go? 

  1. You ate your weight in mashed potatoes, and really, what more can you ask for? 
  2. It was truly the best. You just love spending time with your family. 
  3. Family turmoil, screaming matches, and tears before pie. Just another holiday. 
  4. I mean, it was dinner? There’s not that much more to say. 

Finally, we can close it out on a classic: Pick your favorite side dish! 

  1. Roasted vegetables. 
  2. Mac and cheese.
  3. Cranberry sauce. 
  4. Rolls/Biscuits. 

Mostly 1’s: 

Your spring semester is going to involve lots of new people and opportunities, but (and this is the important part!) wait for them to come to you. I promise—sliding into their YikYak dm’s is the worst idea you’ve ever had. Please stop. 

Mostly 2’s: 

You’re going to have a semester of relaxation. Try to get a headstart and relax a bit right now, huh? I can literally feel the tension in your shoulders through the newspaper. 

Mostly 3’s: 

You are in for the semester of a lifetime. It could be good, could be bad, but it’s definitely not going to be boring! 

Mostly 4’s: 

Your semester is going to be full of growth and change. Maybe it’s an increase in emotional maturity, or maybe you get a plant. Who’s to say? 

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