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Your Random Classmates’ Itinerary

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving Break, Yowlers! It’s that time of year when many students up and desert campus to return home and dine on a lukewarm turkey. Some students make road trips on their way back home.  

And some students fly; for instance, one student doing just that told me about his itinerary. He plans on asking a friend to drive him the three hours to Raleigh where he booked the cheapest flight possible on Tuesday night. Then he will be flying to Atlanta where he has a thirty-two-hour layover. Then he flies from Atlanta to Los Angeles where he has another layover, only eight hours this time. The final flight from Los Angeles to Denver (Why he flew all the way to LA just to go backwards to Denver, don’t ask me. I just report the news; I don’t make it up.). He should land in Denver at 4:06pm just in time to light up a joint at 4:20 on Thanksgiving with his father on the drive home. Apparently, it’s a family tradition. Then after a lovely dinner with his own Aunt Jenny, this student has another flight departing Denver at 11:47pm as he restarts his journey back to Davidson. He told me, “My last flight lands in Charlotte at 7:36am on Monday morning, so I’m a little worried that I might be late to my 8:30am class…” 

And one student has decided to hitchhike all the way to Maine where his family plans on having Thanksgiving this year. He plans on starting his trip Monday afternoon after his final class. He told me, “I’ve got a rental tent from DO, plenty of food rations, and a hardy spirit. I plan on sleeping in West Virginia Monday night, New York Tuesday, and his family’s home in Maine on Wednesday. Then I’ll make my way back starting on Friday. Should be a good hike.” When I told the hitchhiker about the flier’s Thanksgiving travel itinerary, he laughed noting that he will get more family time in Maine than the flier will in Denver. Funny how that works.  

But both students, the flier and the hitchhiker, share a common travel theme: homework. The flier told me all about his plans to research, write, and submit a twelve-page research paper due next Tuesday during his thirty-two-hour layover in Atlanta. And the hitchhiker tells me he’s already scouted out a nice sunflower field in northern Virginia where AT&T provides just enough coverage for him to Zoom into a marathon group project meeting on Tuesday night. Ahhh Davidson, the only college in America (probably not but suspend your disbelief) where breaks promise even more work than a typical school week.  

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