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We Are Wildcats: Theater Department Interview with Amy Tedeschi

Maggie Thrall ‘26 (she/her)

We Are Wildcats is a human-interest column that aims to share the extraordinary within the ordinary at Davidson College and to showcase the inspiring things that make each and every Wildcat unique. If you wish to be featured or know someone whose story needs to be heard, please feel free to contact! Stay tuned for future stories! This interview has been edited for length and clarity.  

Maggie: I’m here with Amy Tedeschi ’25, and we’re going to be talking about her involvement in the Davidson Theater Department and how that has fostered a sense of community for her at college. 

Maggie: What’s the most recent production you took place in?

Amy: I was the production stage manager for one of the fall plays this semester, Scab, which went on in mid-October.

Maggie: What was your involvement like in that?

Amy: It was definitely a pretty high commitment thing. I would be at every rehearsal, and then I would be mainly on tech and calling all the cues during the show.

Maggie: There was the new production Christmas at Pemberley, have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Amy: I have seen it. It’s incredible. I am not involved in it directly, but I’m friends with a lot of people involved and friends with the stage manager for that.

Maggie: Are there any other plays that you know of coming up in the future?

Amy: Next semester, the spring play will be a show called Everybody, and is going to be directed by Mark Sutch, a professor in the theater department. I’m really excited for that. It seems like a really fun and interesting play. We also have the Social Justice Theatre Group. I’m the stage manager for that and we’re hoping to have some kind of social justice cabaret happen early next semester. We’re still working with that with some playwriting stuff and seeing what we can do for that.

Maggie: What’s your favorite part of being involved in theater, and why did you decide to minor in it?

Amy: I think honestly, it’s the people in the theater department. I did a lot of theater in high school, and I wasn’t necessarily planning on getting too involved in theater when I came to college, but I just love the subject, and being able to study the subject and act and direct and do all that. I think that the people are really what makes it great. I’ve become such close friends with so many people involved.

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