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WebTree Courses You Might Have Missed

Although I myself did not fully fill out my own WebTree heading into my senior spring, I somehow still feel justified in encouraging all of you, my fellow peers, to really Davidson Student this one and go above and beyond, color-coding your class choices and dutifully plugging them into Davidson’s most infamous software platform (beating out DuoPush by 3 percentage points in a poll simulation I just ran in my head). In case you missed these prime pickings buried deep on the second page of classes displayed in sets of 10 (when would I ever just want to see the numerically first 10 classes in a department on the course schedule c’mon), we’ve pulled out a few that you should make sure to pick up in Add/Drop: 

MAT 099: Measuring. You might wonder, why is this class listed as 099? This class, which is a seminar focused on “measuring things” (quoted from the course schedule), is not considered rigorous enough to denote even a 100-level designation. However, it can get you your Mathematical and Quantitative Thought (MQRQ) Ways of Knowing requirement. Weekly assignments will involve the measurement of common campus objects in the imperial (think inches) system, because ‘Merica. The final exam is titled “Can I Measure That?” in which students must determine whether or not you can in fact measure the things presented. 

ENV-204: Tree Climbing. Soon to be a new requirement in the environmental studies department, this class was invented by professors wanting to dispel the claims that their department was just a bunch of armchair academics engaging in ivory tower debates about ecological issues as the rest of the world burns. In an attempt to “get back to nature,” students will participate in several hands-on activities, namely, climbing lots of trees. Students will identify which trees have smooth bark that makes scaling them harder, how to pick out a dead limb that isn’t weight-bearing, and when to recognize their limits and just call the fire department in order to get down. 

ECO-102: Dressing the Part. Situated between Econ 101 and Econ 105, this required class helps Econ majors tailor their wardrobe to the department. This class is considered foundational in establishing the professional aesthetics of the department, and a major donation from an Econ alum has bankrolled the purchasing of a down puffer vest for all students enrolled in this class during the 2022-2023 school year. 

POL-303: Lying. This is a higher-level political science class for students in the major who have taken enough classes to realize that political science as a field is morally bankrupt, but are in too deep to do anything else. This course will help students figure out how to “spin” the realities of capitalist exploitation and imperial oppression to themselves, parents, and some future employers (no need to attempt to lie to any branch of the U.S. government–they already know). 

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