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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Break Plans

If there’s anything college does to you, it morphs time into oblivion. FDOC was two weeks ago, midterms have been happening for the last three weeks (and will continue for another three), and, uh, holdup, your dad is already sending you photos from his KSig days in preparation for Wildcat Weekend. All this hubbub can be so overwhelming, but the one thing you actually need to prepare for is Thanksgiving Break. Thanksgiving is America’s most American holiday, after the Super Bowl, Christmas, Fourth of July, and twelve other more holidays, so it’s important to celebrate it properly. Here are some of the college-sponsored Thanksgiving trips you can still sign up for. 

Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte was just ranked as North Carolina’s Most Diverse City, so visiting it will be a great way to escape the Davidson Bubble in a way that will leave your thumbs twiddle-less. Some people are scared of Charlotte because it seems to be eradicating its indigenious white population, but there are other things to be scared of, too. For instance, every single building in Downtown Charlotte is actually a bank and money isn’t real which means neither are the buildings, it’s all a facade. Thankfully, though, according to a local Redditor, there are enough “breweries, biscuits, and basic bitches” in Charlotte to make up for the bogusness of our reality. 

My house. Why go home for Thanksgiving and have your mom lecture you about your meaningless, uneventful life when you can go to my house and experience the same thing but from a stranger you just met? Leslie is very nice, though. So nice you might not even realize she’s unabashedly bashing you every second she can get through an endless series of backhanded compliments. Anyways, sponsored by The Yowl, this trip is full-price since we unfortunately have a zero dollar budget. We’ll make up for it though by providing you with beautiful sleeping arrangements (a tent in my backyard), a wonderful entertainment system (seeing how long my parents can go without fighting in front of you), and a thirty-six hour round-trip road trip. Was this too personal? Probably, but what’s Thanksgiving without close connections?

Jozee Houghbis’ house. I actually don’t know where Jozee’s from, but you should show up there anyways. 

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