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Food Review: Alino Pizzeria

In honor of Stranger Things 4 finally being released and the subsequent Will-Byers-is-
gay craze that swept the Internet, we would love to see a few bowl cuts and short shorts.

This is also an opportunity to live out your Byler fantasy, because you’ll never see it on-

To mark JoJo Siwa’s entrance into the TikTok Lesbian Hall of Fame, we hope to see some
rainbow hightops, neon skirts, and glitter—a lot of glitter. If you’re feeling particularly old
school, we’d recommend JoJo in her Dance Moms era with a classic high pony and sparkly
Also making a come-back is A League of Their Own. With the reboot TV series bringing a
fresh and excitingly diverse cast to the screen, dressing up as a WWII-era baseball player is
once again in. Whether in Max’s classic baseball cap and knee high socks or the Rockford
Peaches pink uniform, just remember: there’s no crying in baseball.
Of course, we’d love to see some classic queer characters. From mixing shades of pink
with But I’m a Cheerleader to dawning David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt, we
hope you enjoy the season in all its camp glory. However, if we see anyone dressed as
Jeffrey Dahmer, it’s on sight. Happy Halloween!

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