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Resumania Caters to the Finance Bros of the Matthews Center’s Dreams

Students who let inertia guide them to the all-day resume-vetting extravaganza that the Matthews Center for Career Development hosted in the Union Atrium last week saw that a multiplicity of rewards waited for them for an easy 10 minute conversation about font sizes and the correct chronological order of their extracurricular involvements. 

One of the hottest items on the “thanks for coming” table was what appeared to be a protein shake shaker and scoop. Clearly, the Matthews Center was attempting to draw in more of its own kind – that is, other Matthews, Matts, Jakes, Chads, Brandons, etc. Finance bros, unite!

When interviewing one such Jake who took advantage of Resumania, he said he was pumped to see the protein shakers as an incentive to participate. “I already knew I wanted to get my resume checked out before applying for internships for next year,” he said, doing a bicep curl with a free weight he happened to be carrying with him. “When looking ahead at what investment banking companies are going to want to see on a resume, I know you can’t technically put ‘lifting’ as a skill, but I feel like it should be one, you know?” Jake continued. Jake was really working up a sweat at this point. “Anyway, seeing the protein shakers as part of the Matthews Center’s rewards really affirmed for me that my values are just, like, there in the business and career world. I don’t need to put ‘gym’ on my resume – if my potential employers are anything like the Matthews Center, they’ll already know!” 

When looking over the exit survey results that the Matthews Center collected about how students heard about the event, a staggering 37% of students wrote in “gym buddy” or “crossfit instructor” for who told them about Resumania. The Yowl suggests “Building bodies, building resumes” to be the next career center tagline. 

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