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We’re both from New York but have grown up in completely different worlds from each other.

      Cal: I’m from the West Village.

       Ki: I was born and raised in the Brooklyn

     Thus, we have been exposed and influenced by New York style since we were young.

     Ki: For me, New York style is simply expressing yourself the way you’d like. There’s no formula, expectation, or prototype—the NY way is simply YOUR way. That’s how I dress every day. Some days I wear joggers and a cropped tee, other days I’m a romper girl. But no matter what, I’m always a sneaker-head. I buy my clothes from Free People, athletic sites (Nike, Adidas), and…Cal’s closet!

     Cal: To tell the truth, I only really started to care about how I dressed in the last few years. The style of the NBA has had a lot to do with that. Not that I necessarily model myself off of them, but I’ve definitely wanted to push the boundaries more often. Also Ki really encourages it too. One of my favorite places to shop in NY is Kith—their stuff is pretty expensive so I can only get something every once in a while. But I always feel like it adds a lot to my style.