What We Wear: Susannah Cate ’20 and Jake Carver ’21

Susannah: “I’m not really inspired by any one person or people, but I definitely do pay attention to trends; right now, I’m excited that vintage fashion—in terms of 90’s and 80’s styles—is very prevalent. I do a lot of my shopping at thrift or second-hand stores so this kind of throwback clothing is pretty accessible and fun to hunt for. That’s what fashion means to me: a vehicle through which I can express myself and have fun, both finding and wearing it.”

Jake: “I get most of my clothes used. Susannah and I love driving around on the weekends hopping from thrift shop to thrift shop–it’s fun trying to find hidden gems. Luckily, her style is similar to mine, so we end up accidentally matching pretty often.” 

Photos by Elayna Daniels ’21

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