By Your Mom ’22

Photo illustration for What I Eat in a Day – Wildcat Edition

This week a guest life and style blogger, Sarah Reimer ‘22 offered to share with The Yowl what she eats in a day. Reimer is a member of an unspecified eating house, has a 75 block meal plan, and lives in a dorm with no kitchen access. So she understands the difficulty of finding a good meal on campus these days. Check out what she eats in a day to make the most of your Davidson Dining experience. *Disclaimer: The Yowl does not endorse these“meals”.*


As we have all learned, it is important to start your day off with a nutritious breakfast. With my limited meal plan, I usually find something edible in my dorm to eat. I try to start my day with high protein and some kind of healthy carb to help provide energy throughout the day. For protein, I spot the peanut butter jar I left open on my desk last night. I scrape a spoon across the bottom of the jar and manage to get at least a teaspoon of peanut butter to start my meal off correctly. For my carb, I remember the individual pack of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that I bought to maximize my Commons Market meal swipe yesterday. Some days, I am lucky to have a banana leftover from a union swipe to complete the balanced meal. 


Well, my first Zoom class of the day has just ended and I am feeling starved. I have another class in twenty minutes and decide to snack on a Mini Babybel Semisoft cheese circle. Yummy.


My second class of the day finally ends and I head over to my eating house at 11:45. I really try to get all of my food groups in for this meal. After waiting in a fifteen-minute line, I start by making a salad with my favorite ingredients; lettuce, one cucumber, and one tomato. I add in a packet of ranch dressing. The meal was supposed to include a pesto penne pasta, roasted blackened garlic breaded chicken, and steamed vegetables. I manage to get the last two penne noodles on my plate and a piece of chicken. I decide against the steamed vegetables, as it is actually just a picture of zucchini. I look forward to tomorrow’s meal, southern grilled chicken. 

Afternoon Snack

I accidentally ate a whole bag of peanut butter M&Ms as I studied. Oops. 


Finally, my favorite meal of the day rolls around. I was never much of a Commons fan before this year, but hey, when they take over your eating house, Union removes 15 meal options, and COVID bans you from using a kitchen and any possibility of a home-cooked meal, Commons isn’t half bad! Most of my dinners look the same, but I try to change it up from time to time to add a little variety and avoid getting bored with my diet. Most days it’s just a lean protein (chicken nuggets that are literally from McDonald’s) and a vegetable (instead of another salad, I ask the lady to fill up the container with carrots and ranch). If I feel like I need something a little extra that day, I go to the yogurt parfait bar. I ask for a light side of vanilla yogurt and enjoy some toppings (chocolate chips, sprinkles, oreo pieces). To make sure I’m hitting all the food groups, I add in a strawberry topping. It’s SO good and really healthy.

Midnight Snack

Before I go to bed, I like to make sure I have something on my stomach to get me through the night. For this snack, I hit up Dominos on my speed dial and order a small pepperoni pizza with a side of chocolate lava cakes. If I’m feeling particularly daunted by the idea of getting up the next morning, I throw in an order of cinnamon twist bites.