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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA –– This tax season, the nation’s most widely-used online filing service has expanded its typical offerings. In a press release published last Wednesday, TurboTax® announced its new TurboTreeTM package, which is tailored directly to the needs of students at Davidson.

Each year, millions of Americans take advantage of the streamlined services provided by TurboTax, which allows users to “easily file federal and state income tax returns with 100% accuracy,” according to the company’s website. For the ever-busy students at Davidson College, TurboTax provides a convenient, time-saving means of filing taxes owed from summer jobs and internships. The efficient nature of the service is especially crucial for students during the month of April, as they are faced with a far more complex and daunting filing effort––Webtree. 

Webtree, the infamous system that Davidson College uses for course selection, has been historically viewed by students as difficult to navigate, particularly for underclassmen. Each spring during the first week of April, students across campus can be seen scrambling as they try to input their class preferences into the online platform’s 90s-era interface.

Observing a profitable opportunity in Davidson’s course selection market, TurboTax unveiled its proprietary TurboTreeTM technology last Wednesday. The software, which debuted just in time for those students who had procrastinated on their Webtree selections until just two days before the deadline, promised to provide students with a “succinct, speedy, and surefire alternative to traditional manual selection.” Over two hundred students reportedly took advantage of the package, and nearly all spoke favorably of its effectiveness.

Remarked Susanna Moretti ‘22, “This is honestly SUCH a lifesaver. I totally messed up my Webtree first semester and ended up in a 300-level Bio class and a Russian seminar. This time all I had to do was select the classes I wanted on TurboTree’s filtered drop-down menu and they took care of the actual Webtree part of it. So amazing.”

TurboTax CEO Jim Turbonius told The Yowl that he was thrilled with the initial implementation of the service at Davidson. “We’re glad to see so many students taking advantage of the package,” commented Turbonius. “We hope to continue to improve TurboTreeTM in future semesters.”