900 ROOM –– This past weekend, the Union Board held a panel to discuss a new weekly series coming to campus next fall. The series is titled “Secondhand Panels” and will take place on Friday evenings at 8 P.M. in The 900 Room. 

Every Friday, the panel will feature 6 or 7 Davidson students that actually attended a guest speaker event, talkback, or panel on campus during the week. The goal is to provide secondhand accounts of the academic activities that took place during the preceding week. Panel members will provide a summary of the event’s content, an overview of any ridiculous questions from students, and brief fashion review of the speaker’s fashion choices. If the campus event gave out any merch, Secondhand Panels will hold raffles to give their attendees a chance to win prizes and pretend that they attended the real event. 

Union Board hopes that some weeks the “Secondhand Panel” will actually feature the original speaker or panel member. These special features will occur in the event of lonely seniors who want more people to hear about their thesis, professors who love the sound of their voice, visiting speakers who hate their job/college, and speakers whose flights get delayed from April Snow Storms. 

“Secondhand Panels” is targeted at Davidson students who “have a lot on their plate” and “meant to go to that panel but just couldn’t find room.” Also invited to attend are students whose nap time always seems to fall during the time of campus panels and students who are simply overwhelmed by the number of panels and talks that the college puts on and cannot make a decision. 

Union Board hopes to cooperate with professors who provided extra-credit for students who attended the real event. “Our guess is the ability to paraphrase the summary provided by other Davidson students will give attendees the chance to half-ass their way into impressing their professor. So maybe they don’t get full credit for the Secondhand Panel, but we think a high-five will suffice,” Panelist Anna Brade ‘20 commented. 

Food provided at Secondhand Panel will include the leftover food from weekly campus events that were advertised in hopes to attract more students. Therefore, Union Board told students to expect “a lot of Dominos, Chick-fil-A, Panera and Much-Ado Catering”. Access to the 900 Room “2 Forms of ID” Bar will be provided to attendees and secondhand panelists. “We hope that opening the bar will bring the event to the same caliber as Drunk History, mentioned panelist John Brester ‘21.

If the series gains some success in the first semester, Union Board hopes to continue the program. Long-term goals include providing a half-credit for PCC EDU events, or the biggest feat of all, providing Union Board with clout among their fellow peers.