By Grin and Berick ‘23  

Photo illustration for “Think You’ve Caught Feelings For Someone: Welcome to the ICKS”

With an election coming up and a global pandemic on top of the rigorous Davidson course load, who has the time or energy to worry about dating? Not us and not you! If you find yourself catching those pesky feelings, welcome to a concept known as the “ick.” The ‘ick’ is anything you can think of someone doing that makes you kind of shudder all over. It’s much more repulsive than a turn-off and is a gut reaction. We’ve all got some of them, and we all do some of them. Imagine any of the scenarios below and you should be cured straight away. You’re welcome!

Imagine them… 

  1. Packing a bag for a sleepover 
  2. Trying to take a mirror selfie
  3. Recording a voice memo of themselves singing to see if they sound good 
  4. Being a economics major  
  5. Drinking a full glass of milk with their meal
  6. Sitting in the bathtub
  7. Asking for a fitting room
  8. Putting their feet too far into slides
  9. Eating corn on the cob
  10. Deciding on a username
  11. Swiping their Catcard more than twice to get into a building 
  12. Trying to put a fitted sheet on a bed
  13. Playing popcorn on a trampoline and they are the kernel
  14. Them inside of the Lux Wildcat Mascot Costume
  15. Calling their actual father, “daddy”
  16. Practicing TikTok dances for hours and never posting a video
  17. Trying to barter for classes in the Facebook page