While the vast majority of students know the power of CAT50, the local Domino’s half-off-after-midnight code, relatively few are aware of the sizable list of similar discount offerings from the beloved artisanal pizzeria. Here are a handful of codes that will help you save as you scrunch.

LIBS25: 25% off two medium, two-topping pizzas and the delivery boy will finish your Poly Sci paper for you.

NARNIA420: Free cannabis-crust pizza delivered to the woods behind Irwin. 

BIKE40: 40% off cinnamon sticks delivered directly to Union gym and hand-fed as you ride on a stationary bike (must maintain 100 RPM or promotion is void).

FINALS60: 60% off any large, three-topping, stuffed-crust pizzas delivered directly to the study room where you and three friends are bemoaning the terrible difficulties of your social science major’s introductory statistics class. Domino’s employees will assure you that your lives are, indeed, the most difficult in the world. 

FROSH-PREGAME: 30% off any order of three one-topping pizzas for the pregame in Sam’s room (no not that Sam, the 2nd Belk Sam from DC who has the Smirnoff handle and Truly’s).

CINNA-THESIS: Free cinnamon sticks with any order of a large, two-topping thin crust pizza for eligible Seniors who tag Domino’s in their tweets about writing a thesis. 

KNOX-FREE: Free any size, any topping pizza for residents of Knox, a real dormitory on this campus, because, let’s face it, they probably need it. 

LAB75: 75% off lava cakes between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM on Tuesdays delivered directly to Wall Academic Building during your 1:40-4:20 Biology lab. 

BRICKTIT10: Finding yourself famished on a Thursday night after 7 IPAs at the local watering hole? Domino’s has you covered with savings defined by the following formula: (10% * Your Most Intoxicated Friends’ BAC * 1000). Delivered right to your doorstep. 

SONIAN20: The trusty Davidsonian staff member who (occasionally) delivers newspapers to your doorstep will provide a 20% off, hot-and-ready pepperoni pie along with the weekly news on Wednesday afternoon. You must read the newspaper in its entirety and recite it out loud in front of the deliverer in order to receive the pizza. Just venmo @Yowl-Town and we’ll be sure to transfer the funds to our colleague.