Who Can Tell At This Point? ‘27

Photo Illustration for “The Pros and Cons of Shower Sex”


  • Hot water
  • Hot to have your significant other in the bathroom with you
  • Sex
  • You can also get clean at the same time
  • Wet hair is sexy
  • If you get thirsty you have a water source right there
  • The water is free lube 
  • You’re not paying the water bill! Well, not directly 
  • Fun acoustics to play around with
  • You both exit with wet hair…tell-tale sign (great, now I don’t have to play the Lonely Island song “I Just Had Sex” for people to know)


  • Other people might hear you talking and pop by to say hi
  • If you’re the significant other visiting that hall then it’s really not your bathroom (stranger danger)
  • Potentially very awkward bad-height-differential sex
  • You still have to pretend you’re dirty, oh so dirty (but like you really are just trying to loofah and gtf out)
  • Pruney fingers are not sexy
  • If you get thirsty and drink the water it’s either super hot or you switched it to cold and immediately killed the mood
  • It’s very slippery so if you are trying any adventurous positions be careful not to slip accidentally and die
  • Those echoes though…am I really that loud? 
  •  You both exit with wet hair…tell-tale sign (yikes, potentially embarrassing)