Davidson Student ‘23

  1. My will to live
  2. The toast station at Commons
  3. The serve-yourself option at most Commons stations
  4. The take-out green box policy at Commons
  5. The feeling of dread when your professor cold calls you in class while staring deep into your eyes
  6. The layer of sweat you accumulate walking up the hill that you have to try to discreetly wipe off your face before entering a classroom
  7. The fact that your eating house doesn’t run out of food within 15 minutes anymore so you don’t have to be on an 85-year-old’s eating schedule anymore 
  8. How to politely tell someone they have something stuck in their teeth now that you can see their faces again
  9. That running from campo honestly isn’t that hard *knock on wood*
  10. That you now have to find a way to extract yourself from conversations in a way other than hitting the “Leave Meeting” button