By: Bull Schmitt ‘23

Photo illustration for ‘Summit Instagram “Influencers” Absolutely Unnecessary Given Summit Monopoly on Campus’

Have you ever texted your friends with the friendly suggestion: “Hey, y’all want to meet at our local on-campus college coffee shop?” Interested in your offer, your friends respond: “Of course, I love you so much and would love to meet at our local on-campus college coffee shop.” You approach your local on-campus college coffee shop and sit by yourself for about 30 minutes, before your friends text, “Where are you???” Then it dawns on  you–you went to two different local on-campus college coffee shops. 

If you attend Davidson College, this has never happened to you. You know why? BECAUSE WE ONLY HAVE ONE COFFEE MONOPOLY ON THIS CAMPUS. You know what’s more likely to happen to you? One of you goes to Summit on Main Street, while the other goes to the Nummit–both of which are the same brand and company. 

This leads us to the crux of our article. If you, like we, are addicted to your phone and all its glorious social media sites that definitely don’t instill a sense of inferiority and social anxiety in all of us, then you followed at least 50 other Davidson people before you came here or now have a hefty Davidson following. This means you more than likely follow and are followed by … the Summit Influncer. The Summit Influencer is someone who doesn’t work at Summit or Nummit as a barista, but promotes the brand and coffee through manicured social media posts and Instagram stories. You read that right. These influencers promote the only coffee shop on campus, encouraging students to go there even more, as if I’m not already addicted to the way overpriced avocado toast and vanilla latte.  

Now, you might be thinking: Why such the hateful attitude, YowlTM, didn’t you use that one Friday Davidson gave us to rest your mind and body and rejuvenate for the month of endless work to come? No, in fact, I didn’t. I spent all that time working up the nerve to write this article and hope those influencers don’t come for me in my sleep (good thing only one of them can swipe into my dorm).  

Needless to say, we at The YowlTM are tired of the useless Instagram stories and posts encouraging us to go to the only coffee place on campus. I have to go there anyway, but don’t rub it in my face. Also, can I please have a skim milk vanilla latte, thank you.