Student Responses: Unanswered Questions

The Davidsonian encouraged students to submit their questions, both personal and theoretical, for this week’s issue. The questions published below were selected to demonstrate the breadth and depth of issues currently being discussed on campus. Student names are published below by request.


Why is everybody acting surprised?


To what extent should free speech be part of the conversation around this topic? Is hate an idea? If not, can we limit that form of speech?


How can our community heal after this hurt? How do we continue to live without dismissing or forgetting what has happened?  –Haley ‘19


Is racism the product of external factors in one’s environment? -Alex  ‘20


Does Davidson’s administration legitimately not understand that Friday’s event was a critique of Davidson culture, or are they purposefully calling it a “show of solidarity” in order to avoid bad press?


In a community where an overwhelming majority of people in power are white Americans, what is Davidson’s plan to be more representative of all Americans? It should be the college’s initiative to tear down stigmas that feed into the oppressive representations of minorities that empower racism and promote hate. -Richard Guerrero ‘21


Why were there almost no white men at the BSC post-rally meeting? -Sheila Nunez ‘19


Does the administration have legitimate methods to improve communication between themselves and the student body? -Sabid Hossain ‘21


Is there a place for people who are disabled to process recent events? -Ellie  ‘22


Leaking of personal information online (doxxing) should not be condoned whether the victim is a respectable student who values diversity and differences or a neo-Nazi. Is the university going to take legal action against people who obtained and used personal information of Davidson students with malicious intents?


Why is “applicability to subject area” the basis for whether or not this stuff gets discussed in class? Isn’t the fact that the students in the community/classroom are hurting/angry/scared enough to warrant attention? [This is]mostly [for] STEM faculty. -Emma Tayloe ‘19


How will the college accommodate and support student leaders who are doing the necessary work of combating minority exclusion and inequality?


What do the recent events suggest about the supposed culture of honor, community, and principles here at Davidson?


These events have called into question the validity of considering students on campus a “community.” How are we building community and ensuring everyone participates? Who falls through the cracks, and why? 


At what point do we stop including people on the grounds of “free speech” and have a clear, firm commitment against certain ideologies or patterns of behavior?


Should class, practice, and extracurricular commitments be canceled, or is it beneficial to provide a sense of normalcy and structure despite the chaos and emotions sparked by these events?


Why is there an assumption that Davidson’s administration can ensure students’ safety or eradicate hate speech on campus when we live in a country where those things can never be certain? Are we actually suggesting that our $60,000 tuition should protect us? Are we willing to have a conversation about what that implies in a broader national context? 


Is safety a luxury? Are we okay with our answer to that question?


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