It’s been said that everything happens for a reason. In the case of Patrick Brennan ‘19, perhaps that’s true. If Brennan hadn’t been assigned an ungodly amount of philosophy homework, he wouldn’t have been hankering down in the Union. If he hadn’t been in the Union, he wouldn’t have become distracted by the arsenal of old yearbooks kept on the top floor. And if he hadn’t begun perusing these yearbooks, he wouldn’t have made a life-changing discovery.

“I was flipping through the 1972 yearbook because, I don’t know, I’ve always been drawn to that year for some reason,” Brennan explained. “I’d just finished mentally deciding which chicks were shagadelic on each page when something caught my eye. Me! I caught my eye!”

It was right after Brennan decided that he would “definitely boogie down” on Chelsea Newcomb ‘72 that he saw his own portrait grinning back at him from page 42.

“I seemed like a pretty cool dude back in the ‘70s. I was in Pizza Kappa Pizza before it was kicked off campus, and I had some far out hair.”

The Yowl is not one to believe every time-travel related tale we hear, so we sent a correspondant to discuss the matter with someone who could verify Brennan’s existance in 1972.

“Wow, Patrick Brennan? That takes me back,” reminisced Professor Vanthony Echols, who had Brennan as a student in his philosophy class in 1971. “Good kid. Really hard worker, always willing to help out a friend in need. Tragedy what happened to him though. He was so young.”

Brennan, meanwhile, was ecstatic.

“I’ve had a really rough first year. I feel like everyone here ignores me, and I haven’t gotten any grades back so I don’t know how I’m doing in any of my classes. I know it hasn’t even been a semester yet, but for some reason I feel like I’ve been here for decades. Anyway, finding that picture of myself and seeing how happy I looked back in ‘72 cheered me up a bit.”

Even more exciting is the sheer amount Brennan is featured in Quips & Cranks 1972. He not only has a stunning senior portrait, but also can be found in the club soccer team photo, the obituary section, and in a student life picture from the school dance. The Yowl can confirm: 1972 Patrick sure was happy!

At press time, Brennan was seen trying to greet his roommate, who simply walked right through him and shivered.