Student-Athletes to Form Labor Union, Demand Compensation for Big-Little Deliveries

BAKER SPORTS COMPLEX BASEMENT – On Monday, March 19th The Yowl was given exclusive press access to a meeting held in the basement of the Baker Sports Complex. Davidson student-athletes have formed a union to establish a set cross-sport rate for big-little deliveries.

Track star, Mark Peterson ‘20, took charge at Monday’s meeting. Apparently, the athletes had been unaware until the current big-little season that Davidson acapella groups made a profit off of their transporting of eating house goods.

 “This school demands we go to class with limited absences, complete all assignments on time whilst competing in national tournaments AND NOW they have the nerve to expect us to deliver baskets with no incentives given?  Meanwhile, acapella groups extract profit away from deserving sports teams.” Peterson exclaimed. 

Student-athletes have established a three-tier plan to ensure that they are properly reimbursed for the commercial use of their well-trained bodies. Priority number one is a universal agreement to discontinue all big/little deliveries until all eating houses reconcile with their years of exploitation of student-athletes and their immaculately-sculpted bodies. 

“Forcing us to carry a basket full of face mask, Mike’s Hard and fluffy socks into the room of a first-year female––simply because we demonstrate peak human performance on this campus––without reparations will now be a thing of the past”, soccer player George George ‘19 told The Yowl

This tradition of transgression against the student-athlete community has been a part of Eating House culture since the conception of Big/Little weeks. Baseball alumnus John Miller ‘89 shared his story with The Yowl. He said his first delivery request included standing outside the door of the little, holding a boombox on his shoulders “Say Anything” style. “It was a humiliating experience. I don’t even know what made me do it. These young athletes deserve better working conditions and compensation than we had in my day” Miller stated.

The only team not in attendance at the meeting was the Swim Team. The Yowl reached out to various members for comments. Frankie Yule was the only one who returned the request saying “The Swim Team graciously offers this campus our shirtless bodies year-round. We see our work more like a charitable donation, not one that is being exploited. This union is a disgrace to student-athletes across the country.” 

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