The Davidsonian is the oldest journalistic publication and the principal news source of Davidson College. Our mission is to provide the Davidson community, students, faculty, staff and alumni with fair and accurate information that reflects the community’s needs and interests. We strive to hold Davidson College administrators and local elected officials accountable while challenging both our own biases and those of our readers. In accordance with the Davidson College Statement of Purpose, The Davidsonian will further the goals of the College in teaching students to think clearly, to make relevant and valid judgments, to discriminate among values, and to communicate freely with others in the realm of ideas.

Staff Bios

Sebastian Sola-Sole '21 (he/him/his) Editor-in-Chief Art History Major, English Minor Sebastian is an Art History Major from Bethesda, Maryland and has been a part of the Davidsonian since Spring 2018. He previously served as the Design Editor, coordinating graphic content and print publication. He’s worked with sshape Inc, a DC-based architecture firm, and with a number of other architects on a freelance basis branding and marketing their design work. Before the Davidsonian, Sola-Sole served as the design editor for The Black and White, another amatuer student news publication based in Bethesda. Sola-Sole enjoys everything art and coffee-related, splitting his time between the paper and the campus cafe, where he works as a barista. He also performs with The Nuances, one of Davidson’s four a cappella groups.
Julia is a political science and hispanic studies double major from Pasadena, CA. Prior to becoming Editor-in-Chief, Julia served as a senior staff writer reporting on campus and local news. Julia is currently a reporting fellow with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, examining the role of community radio in Indigenous Mexican immigrant communities in California amidst COVID-19. In addition to journalism, she is interested in memory studies, anthropology and music.
Emma Brentjens ‘21 (she/her/hers) News Editor Environmental Studies Major Emma was previously a staff writer and photographer for The Davidsonian. She is an environmental studies major on the natural science track and studied in Kenya with the School for Field Studies in fall 2019. This summer, she is researching cyanobacteria in the Albemarle Sound for her capstone. On campus, Emma is also involved in Turner Eating House, formerly serving on the executive board.
Hope Anderson ‘22 (she/her/hers) News Editor Biology Major, math minor Hope is a biology major and math minor from Carrboro, North Carolina. On campus she is also involved with Turner House and Davidson Wildcrafts. A fun fact about her is that she can milk a cow.
Kaizad Irani ‘22 (he/him/his) Features Editor Political Science and Economics Double Major Kaizad is a Political Science and Economics double major from Lexington, VA. He has been a part of The Davidsonian since fall 2018, previously serving as a staff writer. On campus, Kaizad is a Student Staff Maker at Davidson’s makerspace, Studio M, and a fellow at the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development. In his free time, Kaizad enjoys listening to all types of music and writing articles for BoSox Injection, a blog about the Boston Red Sox. He is excited to manage the new Features section of The Davidsonian, as he hopes it will highlight creative, analytical and investigative journalistic pieces.
Olivia Doran ’21 (she/her/hers) Perspectives Co-editor Classical Studies Major Olivia is co-editor of the Perspectives section of The Davidsonian. She is a Classical Studies major from Bethesda, Maryland, and she is a member of Rusk Eating House.
Cole Thornton ‘21 (he/him/his) Perspectives Co-editor Cole is an art history major from Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to working for the Davidsonian, Cole is a trip leader for Davidson Outdoors and a co-chair for the Student Initiative for Academic Diversity.
Drew Eastland ‘21 (He, Him, His) Sports Editor Economics Major Drew is an economics major from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He enjoys working on the paper because he gets to connect with all sorts of different parts of the campus through interviewing, writing, and printing stories.
Alyssa Tirell ‘22 (she/her/hers) Arts and Culture Editor Gender and Sexuality Studies and Hispanic Studies Double Major Alyssa is a Gender and Sexuality Studies and Hispanic Studies double major from Atlanta, GA. She enjoys editing the Arts and Culture section because it offers opportunities to work with a widespread group of people to make the page itself into a work of art.
Emily Schmitt ‘23 (she/her/hers) Yowl Editor English Major, Digital Studies Minor Emily has been a part of The Davidsonian since the previous editors coaxed her and her roommate into becoming editors in the spring of their freshmen year. On campus, Emily does way too much but at the same time, way too little and wishes to keep readers on their toes regarding her other involvements. The YowlTM is one of Emily’s greatest passions and she hopes to make some people laugh, but not too many. Please contact Emily with any feedback or if you share any of her major interests: the obvious but hidden feud between Disney and Pixar, weighted blankets, stop motion animation and contact lenses.
Josie Hovis ‘23 (she/her/hers) Yowl Editor Political Science and Hispanic Studies Double Major Josie is an intended double major in political science and Hispanic studies. Throughout high school, Josie wrote for her local newspaper The Cooperstown Crier, and she has found that The Yowl™ continues to feed her interest in hard-hitting journalism. When she isn’t in a feverish writing state fueled by Union brownies, she can be found at the Davidson Community Garden, the Ada Jenkins Center, chowing down at Turner House, working as a tour guide, or singing with her a cappella group The Nuances.
Malorie Hudson ‘22 (she/hers) Yowl Editor History and Sociology Double Major Malorie is a History and Sociology major from Asheville, NC. When she isn’t faking the news or confusing Davidson townees, she enjoys hanging out with her fellow Turner Frogs and working with the SGA elections committee. Contact Malorie to provide future career suggestions so this Libra will never have to make her own decisions.
Raven Hudson ‘21 (they/ he) Senior Copy Editor English and Gender & Sexuality Studies Major Raven is an English and gender & sexuality studies double major from Augusta, GA. Before becoming senior copy editor, Raven worked on The Davidsonian as a news writer and as a Perspectives co-editor for Spring 2019. She’s interested in the role of writing in activism, and she plans to pursue a career in editing and publishing.
Hannah Dugan (she/hers) Photo Editor Hannah is a Political Science major from Newtown, PA. On campus, she volunteers as a tour guide, bakes at the campus coffee shop, and works with the Center for Political Engagement. This summer, she is working as a research intern for a think-tank, teaching English as a second language for Colombian elementary-school kids, and working as a consultant for the Jay Hurt Hub at Davidson College. In her free time, she loves to read, cook, and spend time with her dog.
Ben Gordon Sniffen (He/ Him/ His) Web Co-Editor Intended Computer Science Major, Film and Media Studies Minor Ben is from Northampton, MA and intends to major in computer science and minor in film and media studies. Ben runs middle distance for the Davidson Track and Field team, and away from any written assignments more than five pages. On campus, Ben loves live Thursdays, JSU shabbat dinners and humbling teammates in pool. Away from the hustle and bustle of campus life, Ben enjoys giving Ted Talks in the mirror, fantasy football and gatekeeping the music of folk rock bands. He is a lifelong Boston sports fan, with the brief exception of fourth grade when his friend Tucker bullied him into rooting for the Yankees. After college Ben wants to have a career that doesn’t force him to make a linkedin page.
Social Media Manager Gender & Sexuality Studies major, Economics major Michaela is from New Haven, Connecticut, majoring in both Gender & Sexuality Studies and Economics. When she isn’t posting on social media, she is active in Turner Eating House and a leader of Catholic Campus Ministry. In her free time, Michaela enjoys painting and exploring her interest in generational research. She plans to pursue a career in public relations.
Richard Farrell '22