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A little 2 on 1 with Steph Curry

Published: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 23:09

Steph Curry

Steven Hummel

On Thursday afternoon, we interviewed one of Davidson's most cherished sons, Stephen Curry. Steph, as he is known, is back on campus due to the work stoppage that has put the NBA season on hold. We sat down with him and went inside the mind of Stephen Curry.

It's the lockout now and you're back here trying to wrap up your undergrad degree. Can you tell us a little bit about what went into that decision?

The opportunity to come back and having an unsure situation with the lockout, not really knowing when we're going to start and having four credits left to finish my degree -- the opportunity to get that done was a blessing in disguise. I live in Charlotte during the summer, so it makes sense since I am so close to campus and to take classes. It's a whole different schedule, getting back into it, but it's definitely an opportunity to finish what I started and promised myself to do since I left early.

What was it like walking back into your first class after two years of being away?

It was cool, knowing where Chambers was, going back to the old classrooms. It was definitely surreal. I knew I had to come back eventually, going back knowing that the senior class now was the last class that was with me.

During this question, Steph, who had been acting very disinterested in the interview, whipped out his cell phone to take a call. We were shocked to say the least. Before we even started, he strolled in late, with his iPod in his ear, and asked us what The Davidsonian was. Not a good start. We both thought to ourselves, "How can you not know The Davidsonian? It's just the paper you've been featured on countless times."

He didn't look like he wanted to be there at all. His attitude conflicted with what we had heard about him, which was that he was a really nice guy and down-to-earth. He seemed like he was "big-leaguing" us and acting like a jerk. But when he answered the call from his cell phone, he burst into laughter, saying "I can't do this anymore." Apparently, he and Ms. Lauren Biggers in the Sports Information Department had planned to "punk" us all along. His whole "big league" attitude was all a ruse, and it worked. The fact that he could not keep the act going for more than three minutes tells you more about what kind of person he is than this interview. When all the laughter had died down, we resumed the interview by asking the question again.

The only class I was here with was the senior class now, and they were freshman. I vaguely know a couple people and recognize some people walking up through the hallways of Chambers and going to class. It was real weird sitting back in the desk and taking notes for a lecture. Got the first one out of the way and it's not normal, but it's as normal as it's going to get now. I've got my routine down and figured out when and where to study.

So has anyone come up to you and had any funny encounters with you or said anything funny?

I don't know the freshman's name, but her mom came up to me in the Union and told me this huge story about how her daughter used to watch the games when we were playing in the tournament. I guess the daughter's younger brother who is back at home said that if her mom saw me to get my autograph. So she pulled off a flyer from one of the bulletin boards in the Union and asked me to sign it. That was the third day of school - pretty funny. Other than that, just a bunch of awkward stares every once in a while from people not really expecting me to be back, just shocked to see me with a book bag on, but nothing too crazy.

Do you still love Commons?

I do. I haven't been back there yet with no meal plan now, so I just gotta wing it. That was a fun video we did. Don't know if everybody who was a part of that: Austin Bell, who did The Davidson Show, Steve Rossiter, Charlie Reiter, just name dropping a bunch of guys who were in there. I don't know if they're gonna come back and help us do part two. But we'll see what happens.

What's a typical day like?

I guess it would be easiest to just spit it off. So, today, Tuesday/ Thursday class, I'll wake up about 6:30. It's about an hour commute from South Charlotte with morning traffic for my 8:15 class. I have class and have a little break between classes at 12:15, so I work out here at Baker and get some shots up. Then, I go to my second class and find time to lift and work out afterwards. I'm actually doing extensive ankle rehab right now. I had surgery back in May so, to get my ankle back to 100%, that's my early afternoon project. I just got married a month and a half ago, so I have a good time with the wife at home. So, it's structured with a lot of commuting and trying to find some time for me and my wife.

What did you miss most about Davidson?

For me, the basketball program. Some of the same coaches who coached me in my three years here are still here. Coach McKillop, Jim Fox, the camaraderie the guys have on campus and that bond that I remember so well from being here and the atmosphere at Davidson as a whole. There's nothing like it; it's hard to explain it to other people. But when you come back, you feel comfortable. Like I said, I don't know the student body as well as I did when I left, but in my classes I have now, and meeting people who are down to earth and treating me like a normal person- it's a very unique place. When I left, I found out just how unique it was. Coming back, it reassures and reaffirms that Davidson is why it's Davidson. It's nice to come back here everyday and see some familiar faces and to relive all the feelings I had two years ago.

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