Shadows of Students in Hammocks Mark End of Winter

CHAMBERS LAWN –– Punxsutawney who? For the 182nd straight year, Davidson College is not in need of a weaselly groundhog to forecast whether or not the campus will have six more weeks of winter. 

Last Tuesday, numerous onlookers reported sightings of Chacos-wearing students around the perimeter of the lawn “studying” in their trusty ENO hammocks. As is tradition in early February, Davidson Outdoors (DO) members flocked to their favorite trees once temperatures hit 60º, in hopes that just enough sunlight would peek through the clouds.

Sure enough, the crunchy hammock-dwellers got their wish, much to the delight of the greater campus community. 

Said DO President Gina Adams ‘19, “To have the chance to help determine whether our campus will endure an extended winter or enjoy an early spring is an honor for all of us in the Davidson hammock community, and I was just so thrilled when I looked up from my sociology reading and saw that gleaming shadow below my feet.”

News of the shadows quickly spread across campus.

A pasty, fair-skinned first-year named Thomas Day ‘22 told The Yowl, “I knew it could be the day when I realized my skin was burning after only being outside for approximately 25 minutes! I ran over to Chambers Lawn to see it for myself!”

While the hammocks have spoken and the students at Davidson College have ubiquitously decided that it is spring, the weather has already returned to the frigid low forties. Students’ collective denial is perhaps best embodied in the many young fraternity pledges who have been spotted in chubbies across campus. 

Professors remain skeptical due to this recent reversion to the February temperature mean, questioning students to think critically about whether springtime is really here. According to DO President Adams, however, the supporting evidence is abundant: Chambers lawn is no longer barren (like it is every other time of the year except certain days in the spring), the dogwoods have decided to bloom their pink flowers, and all of the allergy medicine at CVS is gone. 

The vast majority of students remain similarly optimistic, trusting in the long tradition of hammock-based pseudoscience. Maybe, just maybe, it is springtime at Davidson College. 

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