by Samantha Ewing (she/her), Staff Writer


  1. Call to Order (4:30 p.m.)
  2. Pass Last Week’s Minutes (4:32)
  3. Gallery Response (4:33)  
  4. Old Business    
    1. SGA Projects (4:37)
  5. New Business    
    1. Election Bylaws Proposals (4:40)
    2. COVID Discussion (5:10)
  6. Announcements (5:25)
  7. Adjourn (5:30) 


  • Deen Haleem ’21 talked about an ongoing project to supply the bathrooms on campus with menstrual products and asked for volunteers. He is also following up with some leads to better the mental health resources on campus.
  • Sandro Chumashvili’24 talked about plans in progress to strengthen campus security.
  • Malorie Hudson ’22 proposed several changes to the Bylaws:
    • date changes for category elections and meetings to avoid new conflicts that are surfacing with the shortened spring schedule
    • A vow was added for the election council to ensure fairness according to the bylaws
    • Clarification that Candidates statements due dates are at 9pm two school days after all candidates meeting 
  • SGA members voted no on the proposed changes to other dates but the vote on the rest of the bylaws proposals was postponed to next week.
  • Brandon Harris ’22 met with the board of trustees where he discussed how students are feeling about the school’s approach to handling COVID this semester. He also talked about SGA’s views on the diversity of the representation in the board with the 25% Presbyterian Rule. 
  • SGA had an intense discussion about the COVID statistics on Davidson’s campus. Although many SGA members had differing views, the discussion ultimately led to the agreement that more clarity on where the cases are coming from would be helpful before thinking about what actions should follow.