By Suds ‘21

Photo illustration for Seven Ways to Break the Silence in Your Zoom Breakout Room

We’ve all been there. The professor says it’s time to discuss the reading. The notification comes up to join the breakout room. Your palms are sweaty. You fix your hair and make sure there’s nothing weird in the background. You click join. It’s just four of you now. You don’t know any of the others except the one kid with whom you shared a sloppy DFM in SPE freshman year after slapping a bag of Franzia. Everyone’s quiet. You realize you’ve been staring at your own self for a whole three seconds now. Everyone’s eyes are glazed over, but the professor is for sure going to ask what your group discussed. Someone’s gotta talk. 

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to break the silence. Here are seven things that are guaranteed to get the people talking:

  1. Crunching as loudly as possible on the impossibly toasted edge of a Union quesadilla 
  2. Toilet flush in your breakout room (because you couldn’t hold it any longer, not based on personal experience)
  3. Ask if anyone else is lowkey buzzed 
  4. Send yourself a sh*t ton of Outlook emails to get the distinct notification sound
  5. For those of you doing remote learning, sit in a well-trafficked room so all familial fights will be broadcasted live to your Writing 101
  6. Pin the hottest person in your class, then audibly sigh while looking into their pixelated eyes
  7. Leave the call  

Written By: Suds ‘21