by Varun Maheshwari ’23

Alex Ross ’21 and Davidson take second place at 2020 Pinehurst Intercollegiate. Photo courtesy of Ethan Hall ’23

After a disappointing fall season, the Davidson golf team was ready to change the pace and set the tone for their competitive spring season, culminating in  the A-10 Championship. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was only able to play in three spring tournaments, two of which happened during spring break. Although the team was not able to finish its season, they had strong momentum after the Wexford Intercollegiate, Fort Lauderdale Collegiate, and Pinehurst Collegiate tournaments. 

The golf team participated in the Wexford Intercollegiate tournament from February 24-25th, finishing extremely well, with Alex Ross ‘21 and Brian Garrett ‘23 tying for 1st place, along with the team coming 2nd overall. 

“It was really good for both of us to get our first career individual wins,” Ross said. “Brian shot a couple under in the first round, which was his good round, and then I shot eight under in the second round.” Ross’ second round was a school record, shooting eight under par for the back half of the course. 

Garrett led the tournament with 16 birdies, three ahead of the runner-up from Highpoint University. Ross said, “The first tournament is usually pretty weird because our off-season is long, but it was really nice to put up a strong showing [at Wexford] to start the spring off.”

Next, the team travelled to the Fort Lauderdale Collegiate tournament on March 2nd, putting up a decent showing with Ross coming in fifth overall and the team coming in fourth out of 15 teams with a combined score of -10. Davidson led the tournament in birdies, with 63, and Ross came in second with 15, only two behind first place. 

The last tournament the team played in was the Pinehurst Collegiate tournament from March 6-8th. They had a strong showing, taking second place, with Ross coming in second overall on a score of 219 and leading the tournament in individual birdies with 10. Dean Naime ‘22 tied for second lowest score overall in the tournament for all Par 3 holes, shooting -1. 

The remaining tournaments (Furman Collegiate, Irish Creek Collegiate, and Stitch Collegiate) were postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. 

This was a disappointing and frustrating scene for all spring athletes, but many, including the golf team, now focus on recharging their batteries and getting in better shape. Another roadblock many of the golfers are facing is that summer tournaments that they hoped to compete in are now also being cancelled due to COVID-19. However, they hope to come back in the fall, taking their momentum from the spring and hopefully transferring that to a successful fall and spring season in 2021. The season cancellation was especially tough for the seniors Will Simmons ‘20 and Michael Freeman ‘20. They shared their feelings on the disappointment of losing out on their last season of competitive athletics.

Will Simmons ‘20 stated, “It was definitely disappointing. Our spring season is our competitive season, and it was just sad to see our momentum come to a stop. This is especially frustrating given all the positive things we had accomplished… Golf has been such a huge part of my college experience, but the biggest thing is losing out on daily practices and seeing the team […] There’s no more golf now.” 

Michael Freeman ‘20 added, “It was definitely a shock as a senior to have everything end so suddenly. I was looking forward to a few more tournaments before I ended my career, so not having that opportunity was tough to accept… But, I think the younger guys will do very well, they all have tremendous work ethic and I know they will do everything they can to get better before next season.”