Beware: what starts as a harmless round of footsie could lead to a stroll by The Well.

CHAMBERS LAWN (ISH) –– This past Saturday night, sophomore Janet Vance and junior Gus Roseman (almost) decided to take their relationship to the next level. The couple has been together for two months and first bonded during their time as Outdoor Odyssey leaders over the summer. Both in high spirits from the invigorating Union Board Semi-Formal, the pair decided to take a stroll around campus. However, the night would take a distressing turn.

The couple was last spotted at the semi-formal around 12:35 AM before the make out session occurred. Vance’s friend Emmaline Henry ‘21 watched the duo walk toward the Alvarez Student Union and hoped the couple was simply trying to escape the 5th 2000’s pop band cover of the night.

Henry reports to The Yowl that there was fear lingering in the back of her mind when Vance and Roseman vanished from the semi-formal. “Janet had mentioned The Well to me earlier that week and was asking me if I believed the rumors to be true. She began stalking the Facebook accounts of Davidson alumni couples to see if there were any mentions of The Well in any anniversary posts. She’s almost grown obsessed with the legend, and I knew she was going to investigate further. I just didn’t think she would be brave enough to take Gus with her.”

The Yowl was able to catch up with Vance and Roseman the following day. Vance denied knowing what Henry was referring to and insisted that the couple had “mutually decided to take a leisurely stroll around campus.” Vance sweatily commented, “campus is only so big, so I mean, at some point you’re going to pass The Well.”

The two repeated multiple times that the session occurred at least five feet away from The Well, and even if there was a kiss above The Well, there is no contractual obligation to get married. Vance claims sometimes she isn’t even sure that marriage is “her thing.” Roseman is “enjoying things as they are but isn’t looking for Well-level type of commitment.”

“We just thought is something fun we could try, but now I can’t help but feel this weird sense of devotion to her. It’s really weird…there’s no way that rule applies to us, right?” Roseman asked, oddly contemplating whether DCPC will have availability for a spring wedding.