OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS –– “Stunned” was the word Dean of Admissions Christopher Gruber used when asked about the last-minute flurry of emails his office received from current high school seniors in the week after decisions were sent out across the country for Davidson College’s Class of 2023. Current estimates suggest that over 200 students contacted the Admissions Office in hopes of having a late application considered by the college.

The catalyst that prompted this bizarre surge in post-deadline pleas from desperate prospective students was none other than the recent rebranding campaign undertaken by Davidson College’s official twitter account. The account, which has over 11,000 followers, has been revolutionized in the past few weeks. Employing memes, popular twitter joke formats, and a distinct colloquial voice in its social media communications, the account has attracted the attention of not only the Davidson community, but student around the nation.

High school senior and Charlotte, NC native, Jake Evans, who up until last week was planning on attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told The Yowl that he became enamored with Davidson and its Twitter savvy when a tweet (pictured above) about two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry came across his timeline. 

Said Evans, “I saw the tweet, which capitalized on the popular ‘literally no one:’ format, and instantly thought ‘Wow, now this is a school that’s seriously in touch with the younger generation, a school that just gets us.’ 50 retweets and 250 likes? You only see those type of numbers at a place that likes to have a good time, man. I knew the deadline to apply was way past, but I just had to email them and see if there was any way I could get in late off a waitlist or something.”

Evans’ sentiments were echoed by like-minded students across the nation, all captivated by the relatable, jocular Twitter image carefully curated by the social media-savvy operators of @DavidsonCollege. One such student described the account’s #ManCrushMonday tweet (pictured above) about the school’s new mascot, Lux, as “exactly how schools should be connecting with their undergrads,” commending the college for its “embrace of mascot-positivity and willingness to celebrate perfectly-chiseled physique in all forms.”

At press time, the Admissions Office was still struggling with how exactly to deal with the masses of students begging for a place in the Class of 2023. One considered proposal included having each of the 200 latecomers tweet out a gif that best describes their enthusiasm for Davidson, with those five students receiving the most likes being offered admission.