I was driving to visit Davidson after being away for so much time which if not for “time” everything would happen all at once and then I’d be there now and here too. Anyway, I was passed by a group of photons who weren’t carrying any luggage as they were traveling light. None-the-less they obeyed the speed limit of 186,000 miles/sec because, as everyone knows, that’s not just a good idea; it’s the law! I stopped for a spot of tea and the waitress asked with a smile if the glass was half full or half empty? Being an engineer I just said it’s twice as big as needed. I wasn’t too optimistic since that was the last of the boiled water and it would be mist. I told her I had been to the Air and Space Museum but didn’t see a thing. She asked if I heard about the neutron getting arrested. She thought it was outrageous that he wasn’t charged. It was getting late and I realized that Newton’s law on inertia wasn’t gaining any momentum so I decided to be on my way. I had to see my Chemist friend who was sick. The doctors couldn’t seem to Helium or Curium and I didn’t want them to Barium before I tried my fungi medicine. I’d have to grow it at Davidson and needed as much mushroom as possible. I turned the radio on but found the frequency so modulated it Hertz. It said that Oxygen and Magnesium had gotten together. OMG! Well, I finally arrived and saw immediately that entropy wasn’t what it used to be. I just have a few words of wisdom to impart: first, a day without sunshine is like . . . well, night. Second, get out there and remember: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate. May the mass times acceleration be with you as you start over which brings me back to time which was covered in the first sentence. 

Gadolinium LutetiumCarbonPotassium.

Bill Clark, Class of ’69