by Josie “I’M iN tHe NuAnCeS” Hovis ‘23

Photo illustration for Pitch Perfect Fan Officially Loses Hope of Finding Long Lasting Friendships Through A Cappella After Virtual Activities Fair

Anna Singer ‘21, left the Virtual Activities Fair a little more dejected than the normal “wow that was another stale Zoom call” level of sadness. Like countless other pubescent teens, she had watched the wildly popular Pitch Perfect (dare I say the knockoff version of High School Musical?) in ninth grade and based her entire concept of college on the theory of competing a cappella groups. 

“Part of why I chose Davidson was the robust a cappella programme that it offered,” Singer said over a Nummit interview (she only drank warm tea with honey, to help the vocal cords). “Like, I know that the D1 athletics get hyped up, but have you ever seen one of them a cappella groups perform? That sh*t is hot.”

However, Singer has been in a dilemma since her first year at Davidson. After practicing all summer before her arrival, she felt sure she had a great chance to get into any one of the four (4) (yes we have four a cappella groups for a student body population of less than 2,000) ensembles. Once on campus, though, she discovered she had absolutely no idea which group she wanted to audition for. 

“The thing is, I just couldn’t figure out which group best fit my vibe,” Singer said. “I saw myself in every single one of the groups, even the Generals. I have a great range.”

Singer found herself paralyzed year after year, but had finally decided she was going to just get over herself and audition for all of the groups this year and make them decide (because of course, she would get accepted into all four). “It’s like they have to fight over me this time.” Singer giggled and then choked on her tea.

Nevertheless, Singer found herself underwhelmed after the activities fair. “None of the groups are even taking auditions this semester! I definitely think I bought that Barden Bellas outfit too early.” Disappointed by the postponement, Singer has come to recognize that maybe a cappella will not define the College Experience™ for her in the way that she’d hoped. In the way that so many of us hope. *Sigh*

Singer may not have “seen the sign” this time around, but we here at The Yowl™ wish her well in her new movie-based endeavor, a video application to Harvard Law School. 

For those of you missing a capella, here’s a clip of all four Davidson groups, hashing it out, aca style:  

Written By: Josie “I’M iN tHe NuAnCeS” Hovis ‘23