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Breaking: MBTI Matches  Reveal Freshmen Don’t Hate Their Roommates, They Just Hate  Themselves

Breaking: MBTI Matches Reveal Freshmen Don’t Hate Their Roommates, They Just Hate Themselves

DAVIDSON COLLEGE — In a school defined by its insecure student body, recent freshman reports have stated that the number one cause for roommate animosity is in fact self-hatred. Stacy Lawson ‘22, Joel McKnight ‘22 and Amber Hurts ‘22 were among the first to come forward to The Yowl toRead More

Tragic: Abroad Junior Having Time of Life Will Be Living in Akers Maintenance Closet in Four Months

LONDON — Having the absolute time of her life while spending a semester abroad in the UK studying the history, art, and culture of the country, Jessica Moore ’20 is reportedly completely unaware of the fact that she will be living in a five cubic-meter maintenance closet in Akers HallRead More

Local Scholar Stuns Rest of Class with Textually-Supported Discussion

CHAMBERS 5046 — According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, a Davidson student has reportedly “wowed” his philosophy class with his stunning use of a textually-supported discussion point.  The astonishing event occurred last Monday in PHI 169 when current freshman Marcus Chimer humbly thrust his hand into theRead More

International Office Responds to Criticism

By Cathy Xu ’21 Staff writer Post-graduate plans are a stressful matter for seniors, but international students face the added stress of obtaining permission to stay in the United States. Doing so requires either Curricular Practical Training (CPT) like work/study or internships granted by sponsoring employers who cooperate with schools,Read More

Just Admissions is a student group advocating for a legacy blind admissions policy at Davidson.

Just Admissions Rethinks College Policy

By Hope Anderson ’22 Staff Writer According to Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade, being a legacy applicant at an elite college or university is equivalent to adding 160 points to your SAT score.  Some Davidson students want to change that reality. Legacy preference is the advantage an office of admissions givesRead More