Nudist Group Recruiter to Visit Campus on Reading Day, Talk Post-Grad Opportunities with Senior Streakers

Above: Look at this scrumdidliumptious cake. Yumm yummmm yum. 

ALVAREZ COLLEGE UNION –– In its “Weekly Digest” email sent to students this past Thursday, the Center for Career Development included information about an especially unique networking opportunity for seniors. While the information contained in these weekly emails tends to revolve around consulting jobs, abroad fellowships, and grant deadlines, an advertisement for “Coffee Chats with the North Mecklenburg County Nudist Society” struck many as quite remarkable.

Most students were unsurprisingly flabbergasted, thinking that the posting had to be some sort of joke, or at least the work of a comical hacker. The Coffee Chats, however, are legitimate, The Yowl confirmed with the CCD. The North Mecklenburg County Nudist Society, or the “North Meck Nudies” as the group refers to itself, has apparently been intrigued by the Midnight Streak––Davidson’s infamous Reading Day tradition––for several years and decided to make a trip to campus this year in hopes of convincing a few prolific streakers to consider joining their organization after graduation.

Noah Durwear, a spokesperson for the North Meck Nudies, told The Yowl that he is excited to “engage in conversations” with students who he hopes “will become the future leaders of the Society.” Said Durwear, “Right now is a great time to break in to the nudist industry. There are some promising opportunities for growth at both the local and national levels. I see executive potential in many of these Davidson streakers, and I can’t wait to sit down with some of them next week.”

When asked what exactly “employment” with the North Mecklenburg County Nudist Society would look like for potential applicants, Durwear acknowledged that the career path is certainly an atypical one but assured that the job was fulfilling. 

“We hold streaks, nude art shows, and body-positive revivals in the area quite frequently,” noted Durwear. “The event planning and communication skills you’ll gain from this experience are invaluable. Plus you get to go to the national conference in Tallahassee, Florida! And you get a cool engraved pin once you complete training!” When asked, Durwear did not seem to understand the irony of a professional nudist receiving a commemorative pin.

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