ANY GIVEN COLLEGE CAMPUS IN THE U.S. –– With the U.S. midterm elections approaching in the coming weeks, the increasingly polarized political climate is shadowed by a general feeling of voter apathy across the country. Those who have been marginalized in the previous elections are beginning to feel a lack of faith in the democratic practices once promised to the American people.

Yet, the American population should not give up faith so quickly. With the help of social media “influencers”, such as Davidson’s own Bridgett Cain ‘21, voter turnout is expected to increase by 35 percentage points in North Carolina alone. 

Cain’s Instagram stories are usually updated twice a day with a similar message of reminding her followers to “GO VOTE” in the red typewriter font, usually place in center screen with a black background. The inspirational message is surrounded by small American flag stickers with a large “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” GIF floating at the bottom of the story.

Cain has been encouraging her friends to go vote since early September. Former group project member David Franklin ‘21 stated he had never even considered registering to vote until Cain’s story came across his feed. “This particular post included a cat sticking its head out of a voting booth, how can you say no to that?” Franklin commented.

Cain shared her personal strategy for the next week to increase voter turnout (and saving America). She is strategizing to increase Instagram story posts to three a day starting on November 1st, and then will increase the posts by one each consequent day until the election. Then, the night of November 5th, Cain will post a picture of the flag outside of Chambers at sunset with a 500 – word personal essay on her political opinions, specifically why the North Carolina election is so important.

For the grand finale, Cain will post a selfie on November 6th to all 13 of her social media platforms with her “I Voted” sticker in clear sight as a concluding reminder to all followers to go vote.

Update – One week after the interview was conducted, The Yowl received an anonymous tip stating that Cain is not registered to vote in NoCarolina. The Yowl did further investigation and found no evidence of registration in her home town of Smithville, Oregon. Cain declined to comment.